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Just Chillin

Uhm.... why does blogger give me old titles as suggestions when i type in the title bar? its not like im gonna reuse a title. Soembody please punch me if i ever resue a title:P
Ichilled with JAI UGRA today:P i havn't seen him since seventh grade whut uppp :) 'twas fun.
It's getting so cold out.... i hate the way my fingers burn when i come back inside.... it confuses me:)

Being single is fun. hahahha. thats all i have to say:D



some times I think my teachers a... well.. idiots.
I'm sorry. But ya'll are. I mean first off anybody who chooses to go BACK to school....ugh.*shudders* and second off who wants to spend their life yelling at obnoxious kids? But then again.. all old people do that.
Our teachers give us the dumbesat quizzes... the first question on our ultimate frisbee test was

___ is an integrated form of frisbee football.
A. Ultimate football
B. Floor hockey
C. Ultimate frisbee
D. None of the above.

Mother fucker it a test on ultimate frisbee. I wond3er. That's a stumper....

Then yyou have the other teachers who give yhou tests on crap they never taught you..... ugh.

Its clearly the peer pressure of high school;)


Can i Go home now?

I thought it was boring that i went to ion like everyweek... now i'd give anything to get OUT OF NEW JERSEY. ohmigosh. is there the 'most boring place on earth award'? i nominate stirling.
LIFE IS CONFUSING :/ i don't know what too doooooo omfggeeee
im sitting in the school library (which doesnt even have textbooks wtf) and listening to my ipod. big whoop.  i made the school dance ensemble (yay?) and we had a twenty second meeting that made me miss my buss so im sitting here form 2 15 to 4 30. holy fuck thats more that two hours -_-
may i have my old life please? i was quite contented.
I rememebeer way back when i first started this blog i'd kinda talk about everything and anything. it was fun :)
Uhm. the school brownies are amazing :P and contrary to popular beliefe< i know i spelt that wrong.... our shcool cafe's food isn't half bad...

Problems with my teachers:
Bio: dry humored bitch ....i just wanna slap her in the face. no explaination should be needed.
Math: braces. ew. and uhm... she thinks she's funny and young, but at the same time.... no. just no.
World Cultures: she talks for the entir class about one thing and gets sooooo sidetracked and cant manage her time. hahha it's actually not that bad prabably my favorite class :P and sh loves me cuz im a 'global citizen' or some such shit :P
English: uhm... she yelled at me for taking out my lipgloss in class. its not like.. laced with anything. although that a good idea...

It seems everymorning i wake up with more cat scratches and scars than i fell asleep with. owch

sometimes love comes around... and it knocks you down :( I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO OMG



The change in seasons are absolutely beautiful:)
Uuhm I just wanted to let you all know that you should sytop to smell the flowers. Seriosuly they're gonna freeze soon;) but seriously live your life to the fullest, and don't waste time doing homework.
I got a hircut *gasp*
^random thought cuz my cat's playing with my hair... hm.
The leaves are changing:O its so flipping epic! And it hailed the other day:) funfunfun


Odd things

I feel like maybe I don't like new things because they aren't like old things. My new school house friends... they just aren't my old school or house or friends. They aren't any better or worse(ok maybe they aree...) but I feel like the main reason I don't like it is because its different.
Just a thought


My.... cat? ate my homework D:

Oh yes, alliteration in my title whut upp:)
And ways uhm the other day my kitten ate my homework:o legit like no joke it bit the corner of my math homework off I was like wtf. And today it was chewing my vocab...
They are crystal and charlie btww :)
And anyways... crystal has a bald spot her fur fell out D: we're gonna take them to the vet tomorrow... blech doctors...
Im pretty sure well have to bring them both over cause they cry for eachother its so cute :D



some things make you sigh with happiness. no not sex. youre disgusting.... i mean kittens :)
i got two kittens today they are super adorable and i love them already. and they cry and it makes my heart break... name ideas?? its a girl and a boy <3 the boy is a timid sissy and they girl is freaking awesome. duh.