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Because i Want to Complain

Because none of my friends are here with me and i feel the need to complain about all the stuff i am possibly loosing with my baggage...
 all 3 pairs of jeans (as in all the ones i own)
a new tube top i really like
My black eyed peas shirt < $ 50 i had to pay
my beyonce shirt < $ 50 i had to pay
my two favorite bikinis
my toothbrush GRRRR (and grosss)
all my friendship bracelets that i had taken off to go in the water... which i now cant do cause i have no swimsuits.
ok im done :)
thanks for dealing with that :D

New Year's resolutions, Ziplines, and more Luggage

Well, this pretty much stinks.
we are in africa and i still have no clothes. We took a South African Airways flight here and they may have sent my suit case to the wrong place. we are here for 5 more days...
not fun.
We went zip-lining today over a gourge, which was fun. Have you ever done something really fun then thought about what could happen to you, after you already started doing it? Like you strap your self into and utlimate rollercoaster, then on the way to the first peak, you think about all the things that could go wrong? not so much on the sitting ones, but the ones that hang down under the track really get my imagination going. So back to the zip line. It's over a river, and alot of trees and rocks, that are in a gourge. so, they have to pull you back by a rope, and you just hang there and think about all the bones you'll break if you happen to fall. fun! haha.
Another thing about enjoying extreme actvities is you ALWAY wind up sore. You know those bungee jump tramps where you bounce and you can do backflips and stuff? oh god that made me SO sore. but it's fun i enjoyed myself until the pain hit :D
The problem is without my suit case i don't have a toothbrush (gross) or clothes... so i can't go swimming or get what i'm wearing now wet cause i don't know how long i have to make these clothes last... and i need to buy a toothbrush. gross.
I hope all of your vacations are going better than mine!!!
my new year's resolutions are to
1) get a boyfriend HAHA but like...some one i actually don't have doubts about (yes i know, wishful thinking :D)
2) spend more time with my friends before i move
3) get this blog going with more than 2 posts hehe
4) pay attention in class.
scratch that last one, we've gotta have some fun in life don't we?
I hope your resloutions are going well too!
Happy 2010!


Monkies, Luggage, and a Brief, Undescriptive Introduction

i'm writing a blog cause im most likely moving at the end of this school term, and lots of my friends arent allowed to use facebook. so.... yeah! you don't have to read it if you dont want to i just figure some people might.
right now i am in Africa, although i currently live in singapore. cause its christmas break! and who doesnt love time off school? im pretty sure the guy next to me is going to be pretty pissed cause i type loudly and the keyboard is all ancient. haha.
he left
so one thing that really bugs me is monkies because i have a history with them and they have evil minds. see, they see you enjoying something, and they get all green with envy, and they WANT IT. so what do they do? they jump at you, causing you to freak out and throw you treats into the air, and they will sit and eat it. grrrrrr.
im telling you this becuase a monkey stole my bigass lollipop today. i was about to beat him dead with a stick! >:(
when we got to the resort today, there were giraffes and zebras right next to our bus! it was pretty cool, even though i have been on an African safari before.
My luggage got lost in the airport transit which means I'm stuck with nothing for the next day and hopefully no longer... yay ... hopefully some thing more interesting will happen here.

Before we got to Zambia, we were in South Africa, and we've been there before too. we didn't do anything particularly amazing, but they had a theme park and their rides were pretty good.
so enough spiel, ill write more when there is something worth writing.
post photos of the monkey eating my lolipop when i get back home.