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Just Chillin

Uhm.... why does blogger give me old titles as suggestions when i type in the title bar? its not like im gonna reuse a title. Soembody please punch me if i ever resue a title:P
Ichilled with JAI UGRA today:P i havn't seen him since seventh grade whut uppp :) 'twas fun.
It's getting so cold out.... i hate the way my fingers burn when i come back inside.... it confuses me:)

Being single is fun. hahahha. thats all i have to say:D



some times I think my teachers a... well.. idiots.
I'm sorry. But ya'll are. I mean first off anybody who chooses to go BACK to school....ugh.*shudders* and second off who wants to spend their life yelling at obnoxious kids? But then again.. all old people do that.
Our teachers give us the dumbesat quizzes... the first question on our ultimate frisbee test was

___ is an integrated form of frisbee football.
A. Ultimate football
B. Floor hockey
C. Ultimate frisbee
D. None of the above.

Mother fucker it a test on ultimate frisbee. I wond3er. That's a stumper....

Then yyou have the other teachers who give yhou tests on crap they never taught you..... ugh.

Its clearly the peer pressure of high school;)


Can i Go home now?

I thought it was boring that i went to ion like everyweek... now i'd give anything to get OUT OF NEW JERSEY. ohmigosh. is there the 'most boring place on earth award'? i nominate stirling.
LIFE IS CONFUSING :/ i don't know what too doooooo omfggeeee
im sitting in the school library (which doesnt even have textbooks wtf) and listening to my ipod. big whoop.  i made the school dance ensemble (yay?) and we had a twenty second meeting that made me miss my buss so im sitting here form 2 15 to 4 30. holy fuck thats more that two hours -_-
may i have my old life please? i was quite contented.
I rememebeer way back when i first started this blog i'd kinda talk about everything and anything. it was fun :)
Uhm. the school brownies are amazing :P and contrary to popular beliefe< i know i spelt that wrong.... our shcool cafe's food isn't half bad...

Problems with my teachers:
Bio: dry humored bitch ....i just wanna slap her in the face. no explaination should be needed.
Math: braces. ew. and uhm... she thinks she's funny and young, but at the same time.... no. just no.
World Cultures: she talks for the entir class about one thing and gets sooooo sidetracked and cant manage her time. hahha it's actually not that bad prabably my favorite class :P and sh loves me cuz im a 'global citizen' or some such shit :P
English: uhm... she yelled at me for taking out my lipgloss in class. its not like.. laced with anything. although that a good idea...

It seems everymorning i wake up with more cat scratches and scars than i fell asleep with. owch

sometimes love comes around... and it knocks you down :( I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO OMG



The change in seasons are absolutely beautiful:)
Uuhm I just wanted to let you all know that you should sytop to smell the flowers. Seriosuly they're gonna freeze soon;) but seriously live your life to the fullest, and don't waste time doing homework.
I got a hircut *gasp*
^random thought cuz my cat's playing with my hair... hm.
The leaves are changing:O its so flipping epic! And it hailed the other day:) funfunfun


Odd things

I feel like maybe I don't like new things because they aren't like old things. My new school house friends... they just aren't my old school or house or friends. They aren't any better or worse(ok maybe they aree...) but I feel like the main reason I don't like it is because its different.
Just a thought


My.... cat? ate my homework D:

Oh yes, alliteration in my title whut upp:)
And ways uhm the other day my kitten ate my homework:o legit like no joke it bit the corner of my math homework off I was like wtf. And today it was chewing my vocab...
They are crystal and charlie btww :)
And anyways... crystal has a bald spot her fur fell out D: we're gonna take them to the vet tomorrow... blech doctors...
Im pretty sure well have to bring them both over cause they cry for eachother its so cute :D



some things make you sigh with happiness. no not sex. youre disgusting.... i mean kittens :)
i got two kittens today they are super adorable and i love them already. and they cry and it makes my heart break... name ideas?? its a girl and a boy <3 the boy is a timid sissy and they girl is freaking awesome. duh.


A Random Thought...

What happens if i overfeed my blog fish...?

Total domination... not.

sooo first day of school. us frosh spend all day getting trampled *sigh* and we had a half day (YAY!) anyways, it was really boring we just drifted around... haha
i really need to sign up for dance except i don't know what studio to go to! ahh
my chinese class today was hilarious the teacher is all like ahhhh in her mind im sure. all the upperclassesmen are trying to prove to chinese three that chinese four is better (its a combined class) its so funny there is this one senior whos like CHINESE THREE SUCKS WE OWN YOU. and like everyone is asian but they speak terrible chinese.. the was a huge gasp when i was reading the sentences i wrote hheheheh and their all like your a FRESHMAN? O.o and then this one senior/junior used to go to SAS :D haha we shared a moment of fuck yeah-ness.
so im basically the youngest kid.. meh. hehe.
i love my free period just because Rachel isin it with me. She's this dancer gymnast who love Jazz. we were scanning the room for hot boys together so i guess you could say we have the same interests :) whats more awesome is that she's new too. we're such loners. LONERS FTW! :D
thats it
i lost the game again -.-


Hello :)

Greatings invisible readers, how are you today?

Anyways, i went down to rhode island to chill with my freaking crazy relatives ( i love them all to death :D)
well... uhm. not really to death. i love them the apropreate amout.  hahha i love friends :P
you know what is super awesome? Stwe leonards. mmhmm most awesome super market in the history of the world.
New Jersey life is very un-Singapore. haha. im sorry for complaining. i feel terrible.
i was forced to read this book called Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. it was pretty good. it analyses *imaginary readers fall asleep* like why humans think how they do.... * realizes readers have fallen asleep*... oh. nevermind.
SO. what new? not much. cool. ok.. i prolly should have come into this with an idea besides 'my blog sucks and i need to write something'. oops. sorry imaginary readers, keep imagining.
oh. and. btw.

i lost the game :)



oh mi gohd i got snapple at costco and there are no facts on the caps O.o
oh mi god the costco sample brownies were amazing
oh my gawd my new school binder is covered in sticky pics :D
o my goshh the neighbors hdog is super adorable :3
OMG i went back to school shopping for awesome clothes at the mall
o-o-o-o-o-o-o my god oh-oh-o-oh-oh etc etc. :)



whut up i'm bloggin from school...
hahah the marching band is here all dresseed up. hah.
ih signed up for like a shitload of honors classes.. ill probably drop out of everything and live in a shack. hah.
nothin else to say soooo bye.


Moving updates :)

well, its been about a week (thats it ?!?!?) and i NEED something to do. seriously. I'm getting good at my unicycle again... i mean SOMETHING is clearly wrong here. im lying on my new tempurpedic bed (anyone may join me ;) ) and blogging to y'all on my sweet new android. no its not one of those hunky ones, its the LG ally. i love it :D if any of y'all ever tet a new phone i reccomend it. seriously. it's amazing. but im still bored -_- im totallt missing the city heree... except we have nice neighbors here :D they broyght us there amazing brownies and the others invited us to dinner and there are KIDS MY AGE:O idk, maybe i'm america deprived, but i'm certiantly impressed :)
i really can't wait to go to the beach, six flags etc.etc. hehe :)
P.S. john... i updated. told you it'd be boribg :P


I fell asleep funny

and then i woke up laughing
and then i willingly went to school (O.o)
and then i hugged people
and then i ditched a friend
and then i took a mode of transportation
and then i separated our group
then i got a bag of crack
and then i hugged a black chicken
and then i slapped a hacky sack
and then i stayed out late
and then i wrote a blog note
and then i posted it
and then an invisibl reader read it


Public Crap

I dont understand this whole thing that the US goes through everytime the government wants to make public stuff..... seriously.

Jenna and i went to the public water park yesterday and it was 80 cents to get in. hell yeah :)
We were taking advantage of how the life guard was slacking so i stoppd in the middle of the slide and waited for jenna to come down hehe :) she kept smashing into me it was so much fun :)

And then, these two asian creepers stared following us down the lazy river **shudders** ugh. gross. so we went into the wave pool and took and overload of pictures :P yay. we're so cool :P

This is rolly my last day with jenna O.o so i love ya, BFFLZ for half mih little life <3


return to real life

china government blocks facebook and youtube. enough said. hell on earth. just kidding. no seriously it sucks. c'mon man do you really think i like live on facebook? but honestly, it sucks i almost killed myself.

i bet you are confused. if you aren't then i bet wrong O.o

i missed the very harry sequel. if you havent seen the very harry musica, check it out. its a huge spoof in the form of musicality. laughter guarenteed. unless you're like those guys who sit on the subway and just stare. and never lugh. ever. poor sexless old men. *sigh*

well i just got back from china as you may have gathered. i havent abandoned my blog, thank you very much my conserned, like, two readers. they block like everything in china. except pirated movie and tv sites. MHMMM.

i went to this camp and all that so ... it was boring end of story. hahha. oh come all ye english speakers, speak thou native tounge once more i shall.

well heres the thing, i have four days before im moving to jersey and learning guitar an finding a new dance studio and creeping out new pople and such yadda yadda sooooooo im staying out late and absorbing the universe juice. that's right. (and you're like... um dude? what's right? i dont get it.) its ok, you'll get over it (get over what? O.o)

there's a hotel guy in a cute little outfit wwho keeps staring at me... go awayyyyyy!

i watched kick ass onn the plane. HILARIOUS movie. they stuck some guy in a giant microwave and he exploded. hehehhe :)

ok since i don't have much to say... later dudes :)


Rejection In All It's Forms

rejection in it's harsh-est forms...

*video freezes*
Sarah: you are uhm. how do i put this...? FROZEN. *POOF*. GONE. cannot see lah.
*other line hangs up*
:"(   <-that's right i'm crying DOUBLE tears

*other line calls back*


sarah lays in bed at 4 AM.
*holy shitt*
*falls asleep*
*wakes up*
"ahhhh what  a nice morning/night/day's rest"
"hell. it's 4:03. maybe i'll try to sleep again.... -_-"
*lays down for hours*
*tosses.turns.reads iPodular movie.*
. . .
*ponders meaning of life*
rejection by the sandman


"i'm going to upload a clip of pureawesome sauce/photos of pwned experiences/ last night's memories *wait WHAT?*"
*logs on*
*records deep heartfelt video/uplaods for three hours photos/ sends long chat message ;)*
"what the shit?"
*checks upload page*
"well.... FUCK."
Facebook: your kinky photos could not be accepted at this time/and errors has occured/facebook want's to be bitchy
*cries in corner*


*sits down with coffee*
*open's microsoft word*
*writes 50,000 word essay in a language you don't speak*
*5 double shot espressos later....*
*microsoft word closes*

Rejection.... the sad brutalities in life.


The Dentist

Today after waking up at 2 in the morning (i didn't bother to get over jetlag... who cares, now i stay at sleepoveers/ at home on fb. i have a life i swear.) i was told i have to go to the dentist. yay! I love it when people picka round in my mouth and tell me i drink too much soda. which i don't. so after s/he (or both) drills up my face my mom asked me if i wanted to go shopping with her... SO we'll see how many time she freaks out about me liking things and yells at me saying i need a rich husband to be happy in life. Damn, i LIKED the shit, i didn't wanna BUY it. but whatever. soo... good luck to me.
the dentist serves coffee.
(i took me three tries to spell thick right .... fail)


I don;t mean to betray the Blogger, but i was told tumblr ROCKS. and honestly, it does. so if something super cool happens, i'll still post here just as much (not much ;) ) and yeah. but check it out i think it's cooler if that says anything. plus i post photos there it's easier.

Stick Pics

I have a mission. TO all in singapore, come take sticky pics with me so i can parade my asian ness throughout the United STATES. um...
maybe i should have come into this with a few more ideas
oh yes! we closed a deal on the house i don't like... hmm fun. i think i'm going to murder somebody. An i'm not just being difficult... I realllly hate the house. There better be some cool kids on the block. MEH.

Things I will miss about singapore

1) My friends
2) SAS
3) the laptop i would be getting... lol
4) elevators to my house
5) getting to school 30 minutes early
7) Being the kid who's been here forever
8) not being a new kid...
9) knowing how to walk home without getting lost
10) living three steps away from orchard road.
11) shopping at 2 AM
12) watching movies on the side of ion :P
13) asians
14) Having 30 louis vuitons on a block
15) those little asian toys and stationary nobody needs but buys anyway
16) my own bathroom
17) having friends... meh
18) knowing my way around school
20) diva. lol
21) my retarded friends
22) the pool at my condo
23) my friends


24) hanging out with people then walking home at 3 am and not being in danger
25) malls that close reallly late :)
26) Dance club
27) dance class
28) some of my teachers... :O

and a shit load else.
which i am now trading in for gum and american candy.

I have to take my room down.... omg project of the century. it's ok, i will reinvent it in kersey :D
anyone know a good like... DIY room deco. website?? so i can.... you know... create the mood ;)



There were some pretty amazing houses... different rooms, style and shit..
they're all pretty nice :D One had three living roms. LOL
There's one i lovedd it had big rooms and three bathrooms :D
and its actually relaly nice in the landscaping, bu tthe backyard isn't all that big :( I lvoe treessss :DD
I'm not going to write all that much cause nobody wants to hear about houses hHAHA

You know what i don't get? Is how they only show good TV shows at like 4am. Which i know because i'm jetlagged. lol. It's terrible i can never see anything good during the day :((

who has a good way to convince someone (MY MOM) to get us a dog?? I want a puppy so bad :(

I hope you are al haveing a good summer! <3 you all


Goodbyes and Latest stuff

Well, We had our graduation dance, which was tons of fun. My friend's band played and they rocked it :) we were all dancing and having TONS of fun and of course, everyone looked BEAUTIFUL :D. The music was loud (yess) and well there was stupid drama shit going on with the popular peeps. Whatever. Get a life honeys

Well, then we went to sentosa for the eighth grade and we basically played volleyball all day becuase none of us wanted to swim. I was SO HOT out. yet it was great spending time with everyone again. meh. The boys are so SEXIST. we were playing volleyball for sandwhiches. what do you know huh> I love you all :P

Ummm a few nights ago we had our grad ceremony. despite the terrible boredom, everyone looked great, we had free time before hand, and the day went by pretty fast. After, i went out to dinner at brewerks and we (jenna, sonika, shawn, ava and I) went out walking and took pictures with the giant carlsberg guy :PPP Then we took pictures (yes, we are so narcissistic :P ) and it was in this foutian thing and then this peod-asian statred taking pictures of meee :((( He was soooo gross. EW.

And today was my last day. Last day of Middle school, eighth grade, last  day seeing some friends, last day attending SAS. Last day i'll ever cry as hard as i did... Wait. no. Im back in august, only to have to say a final goodbye again :(.

It really still ahsn't sunk in that i'm leaving. I say it and all, and bawl and say goodbye, but realy, it seems like im back next year and will still see everyone. But really im not :(
I love you all so much. please tell others about my blog so they can follow the happenings in the states.
Im going to miss you all so much, thanks for making me what i am today. I couldn't have done it without you.

So tomorrow early morning, i am getting on a plane to america to go find houses :) what are we looking for?? welll

1) a fireplace. a real one :)
2) and extra bed room for me to put a dance room in :D
3) umm...big rooms and three bathrooms so i dont have to share
4) MALLS. mearby :D

my expectation aren't THAT high are they??? :)


looking for laughs??? check this out :D
one of their comics

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @


New Template

Just let me know what you think!!! the picture above I;m going to be changing, according (usually) to what's been going on lately :D

They Stand Together

A poem i wrote while in Rawa:

As the tears roll down her face,
she departs from time and space,
and begins to look to the future ahead,
the one that she begins to dread...

They turn to each other and embrace
the sad happenings they can't erase.
They stand together and share their fears,
the ocean as salty as their tears.

Hey babes. I only have 14 days left with you guys :(  **sigh** stupid moving. Oh well. I'll get over it ;)
Anyway, me and my home G's are taking a trip to Cambodia to build houses. We aren't aloud iPods. Grrr. The teacher is all like 'you are there to spend time with friends!!!!' It's like... not I'm not I'm here to build houses for the deprived children in Cambodia. DONATE IT'S A GOOD CAUSE!!!

If you are reading this, PLEASE follow my blog. i like to know who's reading it cause that way I can see what ya'll think is interesting. and comment if you love something just as much as I love you :) (a helluva lot <3 )

Have a good weekend everyone! I'll see you on monday!


The Dance Show and Universals!!!

Thursday and Friday night were the kickin' it old skool MS dance shows!! And wow i have to say they were way more amazing than i could have ever imagined! All you dancers out there - you did exceptionallygreat I'm So proud of you all! That was my last dance show ever at SAS... I can't honestly tell you I didn't cry :( ut life goes on, doesn't it :) After the show, this guy taps me on the shoulder and told me I was really great and i'm like oh thank you :) but in my head i'm like omg-this-guy-looks-exactly-like-house-omgomgomg.. I LOVE THAT SHOW :DDD and it makes me mad cause its 2.99 and episode not 1.99 GRRRRR
Jenna Lincoln and I went to Universal Studios today and it was sooooo mcuh fun... we were like..taking pictures with EVERYTHING. The battlestar galactica looked sooo cool too bad it wasn't open... oh well i'll be going to the ORIGINAL 6 flags newjersey soon enough :D
Tomorrow is mothers day! I hope all my children are getting me shit!


JUST KIDDING!!! I got you didn't i??? ;) haha. i have no children.... I think ;)




I'm sorry i had to let you all now I just had a mini-heart attack because I thought there was a huge ass cockroach crawling on my computer screen.... It turned out to be my blue koi fish.... FEED HIM! ->
<3 you all

Rawa and stuffies :D

Heyyy y'all. I went back to my old titles because... they make more sense... ish. hehe :P

Sooo we wake up in the morning (feeling like Sarah deluty and Nathalie brick), i don't wear glasses, and we brush our teeth with regular tooth paste, cause when we leave this morning we aren't coming back until like... Sunday. I'm talking doing our nails the night before(fore). LOL SKATES.
ANYWAYS.... after a long car ride to mersing where i slept on Nathalie's shoulder.. (love you babe) we got on a little boat and got to rawa... then proceeded to get into our swimsuits and tan for the rest of the day (not on purpose of course im just too azn :P)

Nathalie : "Sarah are you ok?"

A quote often heard... like.... every time i stopped talking to take a breath... I guess it just too unexpected when someone like me doesn't talk hehe :D So After Nat and I stole magazines, we hung out with Kate and she is like cute beyond cuteness of little children :) We went on that slide thing that goes into the ocean... :D and skipped pieces of coral... haha we had to censor our speech around Kate cause she's like 8... so yeah. Ducking bell you ducker.
After becoming excessively tan and sun burnt, Nat and i went inside and ate pop tarts and stuff.

Sarah **Reading Magazine advert for 5 gum** : "Ever go down a bobsled run naked?" **Looks up, thinks** :Umm... NO. Maybe i should chew gum!"

Saturday night, Nat and I were walking toward the cafe to get dinner and most of the parents were all completely plastered it was ducking HILARIOUS

Sarah: "Hey, um, you guys need to come out of the water. there's a lightning storm coming."
Adult:: "NOOOO. You know WHY?? It's cause of my....RAIN DANCE! c'mon! dance! bring in the stormmmm!
**sigh drunk adults**

Sunday morning, Nat and I went kayaking around the island. A split second decision, totally worth making. I totally wish i had my camera thoughhh... (that makes 15 times I've said that Nat :P) and it was amazingly fun. apparent;y i smacked a sea snake. haha. the water is so amazingly clear!

Nathalie: " Houston, we have a problem."

We beached ourselves on the rocks... that were covered in sharp oysters... oh dear. It was nothing but my great navigational skill that saved us from the grasping hands of death : O.
Then, We kayaked.... STANDING UP :D hell yes :D haha i am the tribal master of all paddle boarding :D

All in all amazing trip! yay! i hope all your weekends went well too!


Moving :'(

Hello Lena I'm glad you have joined the follower party :)

I realize all my posts have typos... I'm sorry.

And I'd also like to say that i am definitely moving to the States, most likely New Jersey. So.... yeah I can't say I'm thrilled. I also get to spend that summer, no, not in Singapore saying goodbye, In Beijing, where I'm allergic to the dust and there is nothing to do but sit around. NO JOKE. So... if you have like... good DVDs, i wanna borrow them so I can spend the entire summer memorizing movie scripts... YAY.
Yeah... I kinda feel like reality just bitch-slapped me in the facial region...
OK. enough about me (sigh of relief from readers)
Soo.... today's topic is..... umm... I don't fucking know..
OMgosh I'm gonna keep talking about me HAHA. Tomorrow is technically wacky tacky day, and i say technically because Our school is calling it reverse crazy day... hmmm.... Anyways, those of you who know me, I'll be trying to go all out... sooo... I ALSO have a mock trial in social studies that day where i am a lawyer... hhahahah I am not going to be distracted...


Aoum Nomnomnom

Sorry idea drain... ummm I am going to Rawa with Nathalie :D hehe fun fun funnie fun fun.
ok. i'll stop boring you now and blog when I actually have an idea...



I just wanna say it makes me reallly proud that like 8 of my friends have started blogs that i inspired :P self esteem +3 ftw! HEHE.

dot. dot. dot.

Speaking of inspiration (besides that shit I've been coming up with for my blog lately...sorry. again), who needs inspiration for RLA?? I mean, I sure do. MY class is currently writing literary essays on a book called Night (that's right Ms. Hallam, I underlined it. MMMHMM. be sooo fucking proud.) by Elie Wiesel. Which is a great historical fiction book, but basically just tells the holocaust like it is. Imma jew, i care, but this book? literary ESSAY? no THANK YOU! seriously, the author has stories, but he is one helluva bad writer -.- So anyways, we are supposed to analyze this book, which isn't a big deal... but ...
1) Every single freakin kid in the entire class (AND GRADE!!?!?!) Is doing an essay on the exact same book, and hell, out teacher totally grades by comparison, so the second one amazing kid gets a great grade, everyone else is gonna DROP. Plus I have like 5000 books I actually enjoyed a lot and wouldn't mind writing about...
2) This book has no freakin writing craft in it, although i must say, Elie is EXTREMELY good at fragmenting his sentences, an art the teachers have been turning us away from for only like.. the last thousand years..
3) I don't wanna write and essay. <- full stop. hahhaa....

Moving on from the complaints at curriculum fail...
If you need help getting a good grade on your essay? YOu know what teachers LOVE?? shit. they love it. so like, night, when nobody actualy has as much as the teachers expect us to have to say, just get really deep and inspirational, it'll get you better grades. I got A's on writing about the hope and determination in climbing a rock wall in Pe that in reality was no sweat... lol. no only did i get an A, i got on the freaking 'outstanding work' board. On our Historical Fiction peices though, I tried, put time and effort, thought about my characters.. I got B's in every category (i'm asian, B's will get me a whipping ;) ) So yeah, If your not sure what to do, make it sappy and fake :) teachers absorb it like sponges, just to throw a little semile in there :P

Need some laughs? Look at IDEK by destery and nathan on YouTube.. Best shit i've ever seen. Meekakitty is good too :P
More laughs? I fell out of a tree yesterday. We were doing a photoshoot for a dance class, and we found this tree with a reallllly long, flat straight branch, so the dance teacher/photographer was like, omg Sarah do your splits on the tree! So i did, and like.... when it was time to get off i kinda fell... **sigh** and hit my BUTT. and pulled my thigh, as i sadly found out the next morning... PLUS, today after school, the school dance teacher was working on partner lifts with me and some of my friends (excuse me, "some of my friends and I") and i think i legit pulled my abs... AHHA like... it actualy BURNS... i never knew that.. i felt like someone took a lighter and burnt me -.- so now im icing my body until im all numb HAHAHA

I hope you aren't dying lie I am HAHA.

And to all my Bye BYE BYE-er's who reading this-- i love you. wait. why are you reading this?? YOU SHOULD BE PRACTICING!! ;)  show in 3 weeks!


Have You Ever...

Have you ever looked up to see beautifuls skies,
then turn back, and see it was all just lies?

Look in the mirror, and see a trace,
of the past you thought you'd never have to go back and face?

Watch tears carve trenches down your face,
wish you could depart from time and space.

Have you ever watched a loved one die?
Watch the light snap away from their once flaming eyes?

Have you ever sat and watched the stars,
and wished you could go away, just as far?

Have you ever wiped away your fears,
and told yourself  "there'll always be another year..."

Watched missed opportunities come to pass?
Looked through your whole life like it's stained glass?

Though of all the things you thought you achieve,
and realized it was all just you being naive?

Have you ever writtien a poem through tear clouded eyes?
And sat as you felt a small peice of your heart sigh?

Have you ever drawn pictures, in your puddles of tears?
The pain so deep-- but you hide it from your peers?

When you look back and the world isn't what it seems,
There's no way to live but through your dreams.



ok. weel, this week was prety amazing
only four days of school, and now it's break.
today in drama, we played a foucusing game where you cant laugh and everyone has to try to make you laugh. I won :) Bett ripped off his shirt. Literally. and i still didn't alugh. I'm so proud!
Shannon fixed my camera and now i have it back :))
Im going to austrailia to party with hot guys and surf :P
and finally, this computer-- the airport one has a huge screen... a HUGE TOUCH SCREEN
you can write with your hand and scroll and enlarge the page na type on a keyboad draw with your finger.... OMG:D
thats all :)
have a good break!!


Brain Farts

Hello, alien.
Drama only gets better!! We are performing a hilarious play called 'The Apple'. It's on the internet, look it up. it;s honest to god the most amazing thing i've ever seen... until i see something new that's amazing :) (probably in like ten minutes) but seriosuly it sooo awesome. I am Moonshot if you look it up :)

My hamster yawned the other night  when I was watching it.. it was SOOO cute OMG :3

I had to miss dance today to take a chinese plaement exam for high school -.- and suffered from a brain fart attck. seriosuly i could think of how to write the simplest words it's like OMG  WHAT is wrong with me???? I think i chipped my brian.. Or maybe carson knocked it out when he ran into my nose with his elbow
(ow :( ) lolz

I got on the after school bus and Sydney and I wanted to sit together but there were no seats cause the little midgets were being annoying so I was like can you move to sit with him please? And he's like ok. but then his friend is like NO dont listen! so i looka t his friend Im like yo dude, shut up! and this OTHER kid is like YO dude don't mess with him! he WILL call you a bitch (these are like 4th graders) and i turn to sydney and i'm like OH NO! im so scared! dont call me a bitch! anything but that!! :O
LOlz... so i basically just sat down with the kid and he moved. go me. :D




Today and this week, we had dance club :) I love all my dances hehe.
I'd like to say teaching a choreography is surprisingly stressful haha... but fun. We are already half done teaching our dance -.- I hope Mrs. r lets us make it a bit longer!!
I had a social studies presentation today and i failed so badly - we had to read our letters and i didn't even know what was in mine which is sad cause i swear i wrote it myself :P
fun fun fun

sex and drugs and rock and roll,
speed and weed and birth control,
life's a bitch and then you die,
so fuck the world and lets get high!!!

fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity.

just kidding. don't do drugs.
ily all :D


Heads UP!

the county fair was tons of fun! I got to be dunked at the dunking tanks! HAHA It was pretty beastly.
Alex's bang- GREAT JOB on your first gig!!! I was really impressed!

dance club starts this monday i can't wait!

And finally, we had 'intense' conditioning in LADC today.. it was SOOO much eaisier than last year's comditioning im so glad. I mean.... darn i wish we worked harder. AHHAHA. <3

Writer's Camp!

OK i was thinking i would write this blog post as a story because that would make sense.... before i realized how AWESOME writer's camp would be and that it would be basically impossible and take way to long, then not do it justice anyway... hah.

So first off, the surroundings on Telunas beach are amazing, the waves crashing, birds singing, the ocean is SO blue...the sunsets... I love to huts even though they aren't amazing and 5-star hotel-ish. Seriously. I want to live there. 

For all of ya'll who are reading this (yes... ya'll... blame the Texans.. *ahem* Sydney, Maddie) CWW was so much worse tan writers camp... we could run around, we had so much free time, we didn't have those retarded activities... all in all WAY WAY WAY less fun.

We missed out ferry ride but two minutes because time is of the essence. so we had to wait two hours but that was OK because they had good frappachinos and the people going were amazingly fun and talkative. So we listened to our ipods and stuff. Which reminds me how much i hate it when you go on a trip and your ipod dies... UGH. dislike button...
We got to buy gum and REESES at the ferry terminal which was satisfying :) and i slept on the boat :P
Th writing classes were very fun, and the author was fun and had lots of cool stories to tell. We always had ideas... not like in class where you sit and think for half the time you get to write haha.
The tower jump was fun as always and we could basically go when ever we wanted. Carlisle and I tanned on the grass next to the beach and fell asleep... oops :P
We visited a deserted island one day and climbed trees (or i did haha) and we swam around (just a few of us) and found this cave which was SOOOO cool. it was up to your knees in water and you had to crouch to get in. Then it verged off into the pitch darkness and it was like the perfect horror movie scene to switch on a flash light and see a skeleton/man staring back at you. especially with Katie wailing in the background to not go in cause we were gonna die and Hannah screaming about all the seaweed :P
We went to the island so we could write  a really authentic story that takes place on a deserted island. Hannah and i are going to finish ours and make it a book. and then a movie. and we are going to be famous :P HAHAH. but seriously we both liked our story plot ALOT. (we were writing in teams)

We had banana (B-A-N-A-N-A-S) fritters for desert that night and i just have to say the food at telunas is sooooo freaking amazing and we could have all we wanted and go up whenever and come to meals when ever and leave whenever. not like CWW.

That night we went out to the beach when it was low tide and there were soooo many little baby crabs i swear they look like those photos of herds of gazelle in Africa... except they are crabs HAHAHA. the lines like the ENTIRE beach. It was SOOOO awesome.

I love our cabin- and so did Isabel, as she never hastened to tell us that like 80 times a day :P it was FARKIN- our word- go ahead and use it it means completely awesome. on the other hand, so NOT farkin cannot be used because farkin is reserved for the good only.

Boy i wish i could type without looking at the keyboard... it would be helpful :P

I brought my pillow with me which i swear is like a tempurpedic mattress in pillow form... my mattress was so soft i could feel the bed frame through it so i stuck another mattress on top of that one and it was SOOOO soft. Isabel laid down on it and she goes OMG your bed is like DOUBLE STUDDED OREOS!!! and Hannah is like OMG double stuffed oreos :P HAHAH

We went shrimping one night which is when you take this sharp fork thing and stab shrimp. don;t worry- it wasn't just for fun we were actually eating them. Lots of them broke in half lolz. and Isabel and I caught mud skippers :D haha. be jealous they are FAST. We found a weird slug this which looked like a water leech... do those exist? LOL and a starfishh :P

We went on a nature walk on day to write haiku's about nature. We went through a village and saw roosters and puppies and calves! they were SOOOO Cute. and ms. Hallam almost touched one but then it got scared LOLZ. At the end of the walk, there was this mineral water pool and we could ump off the rocks and it was so much fun. the water looked and tasted like Indonesian coffee- namely it looked like amber jewels and tasted like SH*T. HAHA. no i didn't drink it, i choked one time i jumped off the rocks. I'm not a spaz.. not that i see anything wrong with being a spaz :) On the walk, we were also learning survival skills - which means we ate wild blue berries- and termites :) hAHHA they tasted like wood because

Small eaters of wood
ironically taste like wood
I do wonder why...

First stanza of Katie's Amazing poem right there :D HAAHAHA It was sooo cool. WOOD WOOD WOOD WOOD WOOD> I'm sorry but you had to be there and if you weren't, you were TOTALLY missing out :D SUCKA:)
So for lunch, we had fajitas (fuh jI tuhs.. please don't pervert that) and Isabel put salsa in her's and it was dripping so she looks at it and goes PEE THIS WAY BITCH!!! HAHAHA It was the best thing ever :P
We played drama games that night and ms. Hallam pulled out Rachel's bubble gum when she was trying to pop it LOLZ it was pretty hilarious. We played this game where you had to run and switch chairs but i kept loosing out of fear of killing myself running into people HAHA. actually it was a slight fail i admit :P

We walked out to the sandbar the next morning where it's oddly shallow- another thing we could never do on CWW :) and we took pictures :)
We went to a fishing village and saw a cat that would fit in my hand and went to the school- we sang songs with the kids and they were SOOO cute. there was this one little girl- Elfie who was TO DIE FOR CIUTEE and i seriously wanted to steal her :) HAHA. we drank coconuts and when we got back, we went to the beach. I was trying to do headstands int he water... the headstands worked out until i realized my head was underwater and i had to breathe ...he he. don't laugh. OK... fine.... laugh. Later i sat in the hammocks which were all over the beach and swung while writing about the village from a locals point of view and other poetry.
W had a bonfire that night and our cabin performed Bananas in Pajamas 'cause our author Richard Tulloch was the guy who wrote it. pretty cool right :) and the bonfire was a lot of fun we talked and stuff and had marshmallows :)
Rachel had a shirt on and was complaining that she felt 'insecure' because you could see through her shirt even though we were about to go to bed anyways. So she put a white bra on OVER her purple shirt. IT WAS SOOOO FUNNY AHHAHA then she was all curious about why we were laughing so hard :) she she went out side so we would stop staring... STILL with her bra on HAHAH. we of course started locking all the doors so SHE CLIMBED IN A WINDOW. it was the most f*in HILARIOUS thing in the universe :)

On the last day before we left, we all finished the jar of Nutella i brought haha. and i had soooo many HUGE bug bites.. one of which was actually a spider bite. O.o lol i honestly thought baby spiders were eventually gonna crawl out of it -.- not good. Carly was sooo confused about the time difference and Risha was like GUYS! get it right its only an hour difference! Seriously! we get back on MONDAY!! (and we actually get back on Tuesday so we're all like.. Monday?) and she's like... I MEAN TUEDAY GOD YOU GUYS KNEW THAT. seriously! not Friday! not Thursday! not Monday! (giggles) TUESDAY! T-U-E-S-D-A-D!! (we're like... D-A-D?) and she like I MEAN Y OK!!! Y Y Y  LOLZ

I love you allll so very much and honestly if you were there- you know how awesome it was :D

Two of my poems -

Footprints (haiku)
footprints in the sand
marking experiences past
stalking their owners

Familiar stranger

Familiar stranger,
again we meet.
I've seen you before,
walking the street.

We stand in line fore coffee,
together, everyday.
but neither of us bothers
to find something to say.

We live so close
yet our paths don't change.
Because diverging from our routines,
would just seem so strange...


Sorry... and Electronic Breakdown

Im sorry i haven't blogged in a while, oops...
kinda hw and dance overload... not that i mind the dance part :D hahah.
i said i would blog about writer's camp, which i SWEAR i will... eventually. I WAS SOOOO MUCH FUN THOUGH OMG> i wanna go back forever...
the county fair is tomorrow and im going to watch my friend's band play. (or as risha would say, BAH-nd)
uhh. no time no time.... ily all.
i swear i will blog soon :D

my camera broke
and i lost my phone (got it back)
and lost my ipod (got it back after having a heartattack LOL)

yeah not good luck :P


Things to Look Forward To

Im looking forward too......
going to the new theme park when it opens :)
dance club to start
LADC to actually start dance and not technique for two hours
Field day! this wednesday
Specifically dance on field day! lol
The Wakeboarding Party <3
I guess that's it for short term things hehe.
<3 have a nice life!

Waking Up, Dance, and Two Minute Talks

This morning I woke up and wanted to go back to sleep, so i rolled over. and hit my head on the wall. OK yeah go ahead and laugh but it HURT. OK seriously it did. stop laughing. You may not be laughing on the outside but on the inside i know your sitting here and your heart is giggling -.-

One of the most HILARIOUS things ever on YouTube is The Annoying Orange. It's realllllly funny and there are only like six episodes so watch them alll :P

AHHHH I'm soooo happy that dance classes have started. We do a ton of conditioning and technique though so I'm sore to the extreme. Oh well! life goes on! We had a dance audition for our school dance club on Saturday morning and the hip hop dance was like the best audition piece in the history of dance :D. It was old school hip hop to push it HAHA. It was pretty amazingly fun :P Results come out on Monday.

We have to do these two minute oral presentations in our RLA class and guess what I'm doing mine on? DANCE! oh god i haven't practiced and it's tomorrow. GRRRR. Plus i have to leave school early (missing drama class -.-) so i can go to the dentist. yay.

I bet dentists have the highest suicide rate because they know every person who walks in their door hates them for being a dentist. I mean seriously if i can to school and i knew every single person there DIDN'T want me me there, I'd be pretty depressed. Maybe that's why they pay them so much when they really don't do shit. Like i have to pay my dentist $180 for a fifteen minute appointment EACH MONTH so he can tighten my braces. Probably the easiest thing in the universe...

when you ask someone what's up, and they say nm hw does that mean not much, but im doing homework, or not much homework to do??? hmmm...
I have a wake boarding party later and all though I'm sore everywhere and can't wake board (GO WATERSKIIING!) i expect it will be funnn :D



Things i've never done that are weird;
bitten into an ice cream
put on my left shoe first
Pet peeves
People who think they're so great
people who don't say sorry
uptight people
shoe laces that easily come untied
when you loose a skill you used to have/ could do
Things i love
love <3 :D
smiley faces
social people
acting like im about eight years old...and others doing it with me :)
painting my nails cool-ly
big words- im a sesquipedalion
making phrases.... oooh look my cellular device is ringing :)
doing flips :D
writing poetry
being alone
being with people
i like to like things (in general, and on face book HAHAHA)
my friends
somethimes compliments (who doesnt lol)
cool stationary
hair peices/nicklace/earrings etc.
extremly soft pillows.... like this amazing one i want so bad hahah... amybeill get it for writer's camp? that's an idea.
bubble dresses :D


PDA :)

I just have to say I'm so extremely proud of all my friends because today after school, my group that hangs out in the foyer before getting on our buses or going to activities got yelled at for excessively hugging each other.
we have been officially introduced to the 'catch and release' method of hugging HAHHAHA.
Our hugs may only last up to two seconds... Which of course mean we are all officially hugging for three seconds because we are so extremely BA (OMG PROFANITY)
Seriously I'm extremely proud :D
The eighth grade dance choreography tryouts were today, which means we auditioned a dance that if we get in, will be in the school dance show. I wont be in it but i get to teach it to others which is extremely cool and i really hope my BFF and i get in :D hehe. Results are posted tomorrow :D
I've decided to keep a positive mind-set about conditioning in LADC and not to slack at all unless i feel like my head is seriously about to come off. because its all for the greater good :)
ILY ALL. especially my PDA buddies :D

ok... i was done but last thing. I used spell check, and PDA is a word heh heh. god approves! :D



hello Austin this is for you.
^ if your jealous, suck it up. Hello everyone else :D
I got on the after school bus today and this guy was giving a speech on how we should use profanity on the bus LOL he said the word profanity like three thousand times per minute
' don't use profanity when you are angry because profanity is rude, and there are better ways to express your anger than profanity. We have other words besides profanity to tell people how we feel. If others use profanity, please let them know that profanity is not appropriate, and that parents are mad that profanity is being used on the bus. So thank you for not using profanity.'
MOTION CENSORED LIGHTS ROCK!!! they make me feel like god is watching ;)
Small group is failing for us, but im busy enough, i almost hope we dont get in.
dance dance dance
I'm so sorrrreeeee :D my blog posts are getting annoying
hello again Austin
our math test is postponed and i still have to read to be a slave.
Greetings earthling.
I still need to sell my piano
i want to redecorate my room
iPad, soon to be followed by the iTampon and the iPadWithWings
LALALA have you watched the count censored on YouTube?? it's hilarious. seriously. watch it. NOW. I'm not even kidding type it into your YouTube search bar

WTF (omg profanity) WHY ARE YOU STILL READING!!!


Dance Dreams and Alliteration

Ive had a few weird dreams in the past few days...
first i dream i was reading to be a salve, a terribly boring book we have to read for social studies. i keep waking up and forgetting what i read. So boring dreams, no benefit!! AHHH! lol. so i took it as a prophecy and actually read two chapters and the dreams stopped. coincidence??? I THINK NOT!

I'm sorry this is really short but i already typed this all out then the Internet died. GO SCREW URSELF INTERNET CONNECTION.

I realized yesterday if you set your Microsoft word language to Singapore English, 'lah' is a word

anyways, the other dream i had was about dance class.... so i was dreaming it in rla while the rla teacher was giving us instructions, and in the dream, the dance teacher was telling us the evaluation project or whatever and she goes 'OK get into your dance teams now' and in rla, my friends wakes me up and the rla teacher is like 'ok off you go!' so i get up to get into my dance group and then realized i was in RLA> major disappointment. SIGH

My RLA teacher is so weird. shes fun, but is like, addicted to literary devices. like we give oral presentations, and if some one says i was sitting on a blue bench, to her, blue bench is alliteration. its hilarious how much she picks out. and if you speak slowly so you can think and make your presentation seem longer shes like ' oh wow, his pace was amazing he really paused to let us take in what he was saying.' its HILARIOUS.

I can wait for writing camp lalalalalalala.

I love texting people. TEXT ME! but my phone is retarded and overloads when i text too many peeps at one LOL.

I'm not high i swear

DANCE FINALLY STARTED and even thought we have conditioning i don't care!! YAY! DANCE!

I just have to say, i love the remix 'blame it on the pop' by DJ earworm. better than last years!!! :D



I hate it when my internet stops working when im blogging and it deletes it. Just had to get tht out there. UGH


Haircuts :D

I got a haircut today. Like i actually cut it. which i haven't done in about 7 years. lol. I got bang and then the guy temporarily curled my hair... like jst with the blow dryer. I think i creepedthe guy out because when he was cutting like three inches off my hair i was giving him a death glare. Halfway through, it hit me that if the hair cut stunk, there's no going back. hhaha. It's ok though. the temporary curls make me look like and asian prep AHAHHAHA. it's exciting XD. I hope my stylist isn't having nightmares about me :P


Spray Candy and Snapple Caps :D

One point i just wanted to make is that i really really REALLY hate it when i buy a snapple and i already have that snapple fact! -.- it makes me sad *twitch twitch*
anyways, i had spary candy last night and maddie really liked it so she kept eating a ton of it. but everytime i wanted some and she went to spray it in my mouth, she missed and got it all over my face O.o. So finally, i just grabbed it from her and sprayed it myself :P she was like GIVE IT BACK OR IL SPRAY YOU IN THE EYE! I was like... hahah that would hurt it's like... acid. and so she was like.. hmm i'll try it so she sprayed it onto her glasses it was HILARIOUS. be there moment
Then, she was spraying it while laying down, and she actually sprayed it in her eye :P she was like OMG IT BURNS! I LOVE MY FRIENDS FOR BEING IDIOTS!!!! <333


This weekend, I'm hanging with my homies :D It's gonna be FUNNN :D. My friend maddie is sleeping over and we are having fun jumping around and screaming to our songs. screaming meaning we SUCK. and are PROUD OF IT! HAha. Girls just wanna have fun! hehe :P We went to fareast so i could buy a swim suit cause i lost all my old ones and then we ended up buying chocolate lava cake and coffee <3333333. I love hanging with my friends.... idk. i'm just a social person. and MY FRIENDS ROCK HAAHAHA. jenna - VAMPIRES! hahaha. don't explain that to anyone :P. I love weekends too. ok well it's hard to write right now.. so imma catch ya later when there is some exciting juicy gossip to share :P



Haha. I just watched american idol. along with probably 7 million other people. hahah. But anywhos, i think im gonna go with the top idol moments of season 9 so far for this post
10 would be anytime they have to call security, especially the guy who got handcuffed
9 anyone with a great touching story
8 anyone with a touching story that can also SING :D
7 alicia keys girl.... IDK i just love her... # 1 fan already!
6 anytime simon picks apart anyones self esteem
5 anyone who sings so horribly it's funny
4 the guy who came in in a chicken suit, and the guy who came in with the lady gaga feathers on his face
3 I look forward to ellen DeGeneres judging so much, I'm gonna put it up even though it hasn't happened :P
2 1/2 The amazing beatboxing singer :D
2 The guy who split his pants jumping into the splits
1 PANTS ON THE GROUND! ^ he's so right, he looked like a fool with a spilt in his jeans :P


This morning we spent the whole time discussing how half the people who hang with me didn't know it was pronounced keh-sha not kee-sha. lol. fail you guys, fail. But i still love you :D hehe. I just had to share that i love her new album... My favorite is probably Your Love Is My Drug. but i also like dinosaur because i always have these old guys checking me out lol. GROSS. like this one time i was walking home and this old guy in a hotel shuttle comes by and hes like looking me up and im like UGH ur like..... 70 ahahahah. and my bus driver... major mental spazz moment with that one haha :D.
What's even worse is hair sniffers -.- with friends it's ok, but with like strangers its like WTF are you doing????? HAHA. cause i go shopping at far east plaza and buy slurpees cause im a fatty pants like that and this guy like leaned over ma and sniffed my hair. Then , guess what? i go back to the same seven eleven, and as im about to pay, this guy does it again!!! I swear to god it was like the same desperate Asian dude... but really, it's almost creepier that another guy is joining his hair sniffing sorority. Actually... I can't decide. you tell me. comment. comment to tell me, and also because comments make me feel like someone cares :P hehe. yes, conceit. just do it <3 i love you all. have a nice week :D (or had a nice week)


Dramatic Inappropriateness :D

Today in drama, we were shown how with the exact same lines, you can say and use blocking differently to make everything seem completely different. The teacher called one girl and one boy to come up. The girl was me, because only two girls were there, and our new girl is shy. (although still amazingly awesome :P) So, Me and one of my guy friends get on stage, and she has us face apart and say our lines. his line was "your house or mine?" and mine was "neither." It took him forever to realize how perverted it was :D hehe.
so when we face apart, of course it appears we are mad, or not close. Then we look bored and could be talking about home work. the next time, she had us stare into the ceiling and say our lines. She then asked what we could possibly be doing and one person said 'stargazing and comparing the size of their telescopes' if you see the humor in that ;).
We then proceeded to face each other and say our lines, where i say neither angrily and slapped him. It wasn't until the teacher made us hold hands and say the lines that we all cracked up :D the word neither can be used quite seductively if any of you need future references :P
ahhh. Good time, good times :D


School Week One, Lets... Not Have Fun

Anyways, the schoolweek is almost over thank god. When's the next break????
I've decided to go to a writers camp over chinese new year holiday... not that i've got any one to stick around for on valentines day. hah. But you should all come with :D
Today in PE we ran about a mile total in sprints and relay races.... grrr. not fun. It was second period of the day and I had a terrible headache. I swear there were worms in my brain... or stupid germs. That might be it... Haha.
One of my dance friends who went to college is visting so I danced with her after school for like three hours and I got blisters on my toes agian.. sigh i never learn. And that's fine i don't want to :D
When i'm done procrastinating *gasp* I have to go and memorize this chinese essay for my mom about how time flies and we shouldn't waste our lives doing irrelevant things. hmmm. yes, yes, i see the irony. The irony is such its almost carving my eyes out ( a common self defense technique.... try it some time... preferably not on me)
Yeah. The new kds are cool at least. o it's all good :D... kinda. besides having class and everything :p



Ok, so besides being dance deprived, school isn't all that bad...(for school of course...) and i am absolutely in love with my drama class haha :D
We have block classes and lunch classes. block classes are twice as long (1:30). I'm in a block class of drama with 9 people in it :) the lunch classes each have 27 people. which is the max.... that's gonna suck. you have like no time to do anything haha. So i love my class :D my friend and i are the only girls though haha :D
I got like threee shirts for channukkah. Thank you all who are aware of my need of clothes.
My social studies teacher wants to be a dolphin (if he was an animal) then i'd probably go whale watching an watch him swim AHAHAHA .... We had and extended homebase this morning and spent it playing jeopardy about our teachers..hmm. Not so fun. I wore my license plate name thing today and everyone i didn't know was like hey sarah! i was like.... O.o ...OHH! and then i got in trouble at lunch and the lady knew im name. I was like crap.. maybe i should stop wearing this around? it's going to screw me over one day...
I have drama tomorrow I'm exited :p
LOL <3


First Day :D

Well, today is the first day of school. Can't say i'm....ummm... overjoyed. Anywhos, It's a late start and the original plan was to sleep in but apparently that's not happening.... because it's like 6 AM and school starts at ten. lol.
My bffl got me jeans :D so now i have a pair (yesss) and my other amazing friends gave me like half her wardrobe that's small for her. HAHA anyway, it fits, and its clothes. so it's really, all good :D
My bffl also gave me one of those souvenier lisence plates. So i made it into a necklace. I hope there are new kids so i can wear it to school and freak them out :D
ever used the site you should its fun :D you just chat with random people. but don talk tothe creepers! O.o ...
ill tell you how school went after :D byeee


Camera :D and New Moon

I know i promised to post photos....and then i didn't. oops... :D
but they are on my face book so if i know who the hell you are, go look at them :)
also, my amazing friends bought me a camera for channukkah !! I'm very happy . it's the samsung ST500 with the camera whore screen LOL. I like it alot. Im going to go hang with my friend today who is moving and we are gonna go to ski360 so i hope i don't die...if you do, i love you all dearly yay.
I watched newmoon insted of Avatar yesterday, and when taylor takes off his shirt i thought he just randomly took it off stood up, took his shirt off, and then sat back down lol until i saw that he was stopping kristin's bleeding with it...haha
it was...ok. the book arent great so niether are the movies haha. If you like stephanie meyer, read the book The Host. Its sooooo much better they should totaly make a movie :D! G2G! write later :P

Sleep and Shopping

YAY. im finally home! So im hanging out with all of my friends again :) i went and got underwear cause my stuff isn't back still... maybe we'll get it in the mail in like 6 months lol. if not they owe me like 1500 SGD. haha i hope they have fun with that :D I got stuff yesterday, and then i slept at like 12 AM and woke up at 2 30 PM. haha i thought i was dead, i've never slept over 9 hours straight... then i realized that in like eight hours i'd be time to go back to sleep again... lol.
Haha I'm so glad i'm home again :D i'd rather be home without clothes than abroad without clothes :D i've missed all my crazy friends.
I'm going to go watch avatar so i can write a review for you :D
also comment if i should watch New Moon cause i still haven't...


Walking Safari and Murdered Zoo Yorks :O

In the afternoon today, we went on a walking safari. there are no big cats, so don't worry, we weren't eaten :P
We saw tons of zebras, and wildebeests. There were three little baby wildebeests too they were like one day old and two weeks old. AWW :3
even better than the baby wildebeests was the baby giraffe it was like only one meter tall and all out of proportion like a human baby... only it looked like a giraffe HAHA. i promise to post photos :D. while we were walking, the dirt basically murdered my beloved zoo yorks :( too bad. haha i wonder if there is a zoo york store in singapore.
We also saw white rhinos, which is really special. there are only 5 in all of zambia. We saw three, including the dominant male. I think i got nervous and wanted to charge us, so we left, cause that has actually happened before. you know if you hide behind a big log if a rhino charges you, it cant jump it, and it's also not smart to go around so your safe. hah :P
i now have a very nice collection of scratches for bush and hiking. ouch :(



Today i spent the morning doing nothing and listening to my ipod. our luggage was meant to come but it didnt. oh well, tomorrow is the last day in zambia, and hopefully, since we are going back to the airport that lost our luggage, it will be there. cause i have no stuff left in singapore :0 yepp.
we are going on safari tomorrow, but it is walking. so we get to walk for three hours. i really hope it's worth it...
we crossed to top of the Victoria falls today, which was uneventful... i think the most pain i got was from everyone else dragging on my wrists, not stepping on sharp rocks... ugh.
so i think you can tell it wasn't amazingly fun :D
our guide guy kept telling us to go "slow like a hippo."
i dont he realized hippos can run up to 30 kilometers and hour AHAHAHAH
there was a pool but i couldn't swim. oh well. not a huge loss.
anywhos, nothing much happened today, i just sat around lol. i really hope we get our stuff back it just hit me how little i have at home if we don't.
yeah. i'm sorry i'm complaining alot :) i'll stop now
I'll write more interesting stuff when we get back from the safari!


Drift Wood and Trespassing

Today, we went white water rafting :D it was tons of fun, although now my only pair of shorts are wet... hmm.
any way, after a long hot dangerous hike down the gorge, we got to the water and had a bit of lunch. we climbed into our rafts, and started down the river. The waves were fun and we could swim down the calmer spots, and just let the current drag us down stream. We also got to climb up and jump off the Zimbabwe side of the river, without a visa :) haha ohhh REBEL!
We got to this one rapid called 'the washing machine' it is basically the two roughest rapids in the whole segment we rafted.
so of course we tipped. the boat didnt actually flip, it just tipped us all out. i landed on top of someone, and since i was busy apologizing, i didnt grab the raft and got dragged away. after trying to swim back, i gave up and tried not to swallow water... it was kind of fun until i really got dragged under and stuck in a spot with waves going one way, and undertow going the other. This is when i dropped my paddle. SCREW THE PADDLE. of course you know i lived cause im writing this, but it was pretty intensely scary... i couldnt see our raft anymore and i legit thought i was going to drown. But, i managed to swim out on a huge wave, or more like tossed around on top of the rocks until i reached a current, outside of the main 'surf'. this is where a the rescue kayaker got me:). i hung onto the front of his boat and got back to the raft. i even managed to pick up my paddle again :)
of course, i got over the freaked outness and my breathing slowed down, so i eventually jumped back in and swam the smaller segments of rapids...the ones that were actually meant to be swum :)
so now im sitting here in my shitty swimsuit that i hate and cost me $61 USD and waiting for my shorts to dry so i can go change. yay :) but it was so worth it. beside the bonding with drift wood part... man it would suck to be drift wood i know that now :D
if only my luggage were here it would have been a perfect start to 2010.