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Dance Dreams and Alliteration

Ive had a few weird dreams in the past few days...
first i dream i was reading to be a salve, a terribly boring book we have to read for social studies. i keep waking up and forgetting what i read. So boring dreams, no benefit!! AHHH! lol. so i took it as a prophecy and actually read two chapters and the dreams stopped. coincidence??? I THINK NOT!

I'm sorry this is really short but i already typed this all out then the Internet died. GO SCREW URSELF INTERNET CONNECTION.

I realized yesterday if you set your Microsoft word language to Singapore English, 'lah' is a word

anyways, the other dream i had was about dance class.... so i was dreaming it in rla while the rla teacher was giving us instructions, and in the dream, the dance teacher was telling us the evaluation project or whatever and she goes 'OK get into your dance teams now' and in rla, my friends wakes me up and the rla teacher is like 'ok off you go!' so i get up to get into my dance group and then realized i was in RLA> major disappointment. SIGH

My RLA teacher is so weird. shes fun, but is like, addicted to literary devices. like we give oral presentations, and if some one says i was sitting on a blue bench, to her, blue bench is alliteration. its hilarious how much she picks out. and if you speak slowly so you can think and make your presentation seem longer shes like ' oh wow, his pace was amazing he really paused to let us take in what he was saying.' its HILARIOUS.

I can wait for writing camp lalalalalalala.

I love texting people. TEXT ME! but my phone is retarded and overloads when i text too many peeps at one LOL.

I'm not high i swear

DANCE FINALLY STARTED and even thought we have conditioning i don't care!! YAY! DANCE!

I just have to say, i love the remix 'blame it on the pop' by DJ earworm. better than last years!!! :D



I hate it when my internet stops working when im blogging and it deletes it. Just had to get tht out there. UGH


Haircuts :D

I got a haircut today. Like i actually cut it. which i haven't done in about 7 years. lol. I got bang and then the guy temporarily curled my hair... like jst with the blow dryer. I think i creepedthe guy out because when he was cutting like three inches off my hair i was giving him a death glare. Halfway through, it hit me that if the hair cut stunk, there's no going back. hhaha. It's ok though. the temporary curls make me look like and asian prep AHAHHAHA. it's exciting XD. I hope my stylist isn't having nightmares about me :P


Spray Candy and Snapple Caps :D

One point i just wanted to make is that i really really REALLY hate it when i buy a snapple and i already have that snapple fact! -.- it makes me sad *twitch twitch*
anyways, i had spary candy last night and maddie really liked it so she kept eating a ton of it. but everytime i wanted some and she went to spray it in my mouth, she missed and got it all over my face O.o. So finally, i just grabbed it from her and sprayed it myself :P she was like GIVE IT BACK OR IL SPRAY YOU IN THE EYE! I was like... hahah that would hurt it's like... acid. and so she was like.. hmm i'll try it so she sprayed it onto her glasses it was HILARIOUS. be there moment
Then, she was spraying it while laying down, and she actually sprayed it in her eye :P she was like OMG IT BURNS! I LOVE MY FRIENDS FOR BEING IDIOTS!!!! <333


This weekend, I'm hanging with my homies :D It's gonna be FUNNN :D. My friend maddie is sleeping over and we are having fun jumping around and screaming to our songs. screaming meaning we SUCK. and are PROUD OF IT! HAha. Girls just wanna have fun! hehe :P We went to fareast so i could buy a swim suit cause i lost all my old ones and then we ended up buying chocolate lava cake and coffee <3333333. I love hanging with my friends.... idk. i'm just a social person. and MY FRIENDS ROCK HAAHAHA. jenna - VAMPIRES! hahaha. don't explain that to anyone :P. I love weekends too. ok well it's hard to write right now.. so imma catch ya later when there is some exciting juicy gossip to share :P



Haha. I just watched american idol. along with probably 7 million other people. hahah. But anywhos, i think im gonna go with the top idol moments of season 9 so far for this post
10 would be anytime they have to call security, especially the guy who got handcuffed
9 anyone with a great touching story
8 anyone with a touching story that can also SING :D
7 alicia keys girl.... IDK i just love her... # 1 fan already!
6 anytime simon picks apart anyones self esteem
5 anyone who sings so horribly it's funny
4 the guy who came in in a chicken suit, and the guy who came in with the lady gaga feathers on his face
3 I look forward to ellen DeGeneres judging so much, I'm gonna put it up even though it hasn't happened :P
2 1/2 The amazing beatboxing singer :D
2 The guy who split his pants jumping into the splits
1 PANTS ON THE GROUND! ^ he's so right, he looked like a fool with a spilt in his jeans :P


This morning we spent the whole time discussing how half the people who hang with me didn't know it was pronounced keh-sha not kee-sha. lol. fail you guys, fail. But i still love you :D hehe. I just had to share that i love her new album... My favorite is probably Your Love Is My Drug. but i also like dinosaur because i always have these old guys checking me out lol. GROSS. like this one time i was walking home and this old guy in a hotel shuttle comes by and hes like looking me up and im like UGH ur like..... 70 ahahahah. and my bus driver... major mental spazz moment with that one haha :D.
What's even worse is hair sniffers -.- with friends it's ok, but with like strangers its like WTF are you doing????? HAHA. cause i go shopping at far east plaza and buy slurpees cause im a fatty pants like that and this guy like leaned over ma and sniffed my hair. Then , guess what? i go back to the same seven eleven, and as im about to pay, this guy does it again!!! I swear to god it was like the same desperate Asian dude... but really, it's almost creepier that another guy is joining his hair sniffing sorority. Actually... I can't decide. you tell me. comment. comment to tell me, and also because comments make me feel like someone cares :P hehe. yes, conceit. just do it <3 i love you all. have a nice week :D (or had a nice week)


Dramatic Inappropriateness :D

Today in drama, we were shown how with the exact same lines, you can say and use blocking differently to make everything seem completely different. The teacher called one girl and one boy to come up. The girl was me, because only two girls were there, and our new girl is shy. (although still amazingly awesome :P) So, Me and one of my guy friends get on stage, and she has us face apart and say our lines. his line was "your house or mine?" and mine was "neither." It took him forever to realize how perverted it was :D hehe.
so when we face apart, of course it appears we are mad, or not close. Then we look bored and could be talking about home work. the next time, she had us stare into the ceiling and say our lines. She then asked what we could possibly be doing and one person said 'stargazing and comparing the size of their telescopes' if you see the humor in that ;).
We then proceeded to face each other and say our lines, where i say neither angrily and slapped him. It wasn't until the teacher made us hold hands and say the lines that we all cracked up :D the word neither can be used quite seductively if any of you need future references :P
ahhh. Good time, good times :D


School Week One, Lets... Not Have Fun

Anyways, the schoolweek is almost over thank god. When's the next break????
I've decided to go to a writers camp over chinese new year holiday... not that i've got any one to stick around for on valentines day. hah. But you should all come with :D
Today in PE we ran about a mile total in sprints and relay races.... grrr. not fun. It was second period of the day and I had a terrible headache. I swear there were worms in my brain... or stupid germs. That might be it... Haha.
One of my dance friends who went to college is visting so I danced with her after school for like three hours and I got blisters on my toes agian.. sigh i never learn. And that's fine i don't want to :D
When i'm done procrastinating *gasp* I have to go and memorize this chinese essay for my mom about how time flies and we shouldn't waste our lives doing irrelevant things. hmmm. yes, yes, i see the irony. The irony is such its almost carving my eyes out ( a common self defense technique.... try it some time... preferably not on me)
Yeah. The new kds are cool at least. o it's all good :D... kinda. besides having class and everything :p



Ok, so besides being dance deprived, school isn't all that bad...(for school of course...) and i am absolutely in love with my drama class haha :D
We have block classes and lunch classes. block classes are twice as long (1:30). I'm in a block class of drama with 9 people in it :) the lunch classes each have 27 people. which is the max.... that's gonna suck. you have like no time to do anything haha. So i love my class :D my friend and i are the only girls though haha :D
I got like threee shirts for channukkah. Thank you all who are aware of my need of clothes.
My social studies teacher wants to be a dolphin (if he was an animal) then i'd probably go whale watching an watch him swim AHAHAHA .... We had and extended homebase this morning and spent it playing jeopardy about our teachers..hmm. Not so fun. I wore my license plate name thing today and everyone i didn't know was like hey sarah! i was like.... O.o ...OHH! and then i got in trouble at lunch and the lady knew im name. I was like crap.. maybe i should stop wearing this around? it's going to screw me over one day...
I have drama tomorrow I'm exited :p
LOL <3


First Day :D

Well, today is the first day of school. Can't say i'm....ummm... overjoyed. Anywhos, It's a late start and the original plan was to sleep in but apparently that's not happening.... because it's like 6 AM and school starts at ten. lol.
My bffl got me jeans :D so now i have a pair (yesss) and my other amazing friends gave me like half her wardrobe that's small for her. HAHA anyway, it fits, and its clothes. so it's really, all good :D
My bffl also gave me one of those souvenier lisence plates. So i made it into a necklace. I hope there are new kids so i can wear it to school and freak them out :D
ever used the site you should its fun :D you just chat with random people. but don talk tothe creepers! O.o ...
ill tell you how school went after :D byeee


Camera :D and New Moon

I know i promised to post photos....and then i didn't. oops... :D
but they are on my face book so if i know who the hell you are, go look at them :)
also, my amazing friends bought me a camera for channukkah !! I'm very happy . it's the samsung ST500 with the camera whore screen LOL. I like it alot. Im going to go hang with my friend today who is moving and we are gonna go to ski360 so i hope i don't die...if you do, i love you all dearly yay.
I watched newmoon insted of Avatar yesterday, and when taylor takes off his shirt i thought he just randomly took it off stood up, took his shirt off, and then sat back down lol until i saw that he was stopping kristin's bleeding with it...haha
it was...ok. the book arent great so niether are the movies haha. If you like stephanie meyer, read the book The Host. Its sooooo much better they should totaly make a movie :D! G2G! write later :P

Sleep and Shopping

YAY. im finally home! So im hanging out with all of my friends again :) i went and got underwear cause my stuff isn't back still... maybe we'll get it in the mail in like 6 months lol. if not they owe me like 1500 SGD. haha i hope they have fun with that :D I got stuff yesterday, and then i slept at like 12 AM and woke up at 2 30 PM. haha i thought i was dead, i've never slept over 9 hours straight... then i realized that in like eight hours i'd be time to go back to sleep again... lol.
Haha I'm so glad i'm home again :D i'd rather be home without clothes than abroad without clothes :D i've missed all my crazy friends.
I'm going to go watch avatar so i can write a review for you :D
also comment if i should watch New Moon cause i still haven't...


Walking Safari and Murdered Zoo Yorks :O

In the afternoon today, we went on a walking safari. there are no big cats, so don't worry, we weren't eaten :P
We saw tons of zebras, and wildebeests. There were three little baby wildebeests too they were like one day old and two weeks old. AWW :3
even better than the baby wildebeests was the baby giraffe it was like only one meter tall and all out of proportion like a human baby... only it looked like a giraffe HAHA. i promise to post photos :D. while we were walking, the dirt basically murdered my beloved zoo yorks :( too bad. haha i wonder if there is a zoo york store in singapore.
We also saw white rhinos, which is really special. there are only 5 in all of zambia. We saw three, including the dominant male. I think i got nervous and wanted to charge us, so we left, cause that has actually happened before. you know if you hide behind a big log if a rhino charges you, it cant jump it, and it's also not smart to go around so your safe. hah :P
i now have a very nice collection of scratches for bush and hiking. ouch :(



Today i spent the morning doing nothing and listening to my ipod. our luggage was meant to come but it didnt. oh well, tomorrow is the last day in zambia, and hopefully, since we are going back to the airport that lost our luggage, it will be there. cause i have no stuff left in singapore :0 yepp.
we are going on safari tomorrow, but it is walking. so we get to walk for three hours. i really hope it's worth it...
we crossed to top of the Victoria falls today, which was uneventful... i think the most pain i got was from everyone else dragging on my wrists, not stepping on sharp rocks... ugh.
so i think you can tell it wasn't amazingly fun :D
our guide guy kept telling us to go "slow like a hippo."
i dont he realized hippos can run up to 30 kilometers and hour AHAHAHAH
there was a pool but i couldn't swim. oh well. not a huge loss.
anywhos, nothing much happened today, i just sat around lol. i really hope we get our stuff back it just hit me how little i have at home if we don't.
yeah. i'm sorry i'm complaining alot :) i'll stop now
I'll write more interesting stuff when we get back from the safari!


Drift Wood and Trespassing

Today, we went white water rafting :D it was tons of fun, although now my only pair of shorts are wet... hmm.
any way, after a long hot dangerous hike down the gorge, we got to the water and had a bit of lunch. we climbed into our rafts, and started down the river. The waves were fun and we could swim down the calmer spots, and just let the current drag us down stream. We also got to climb up and jump off the Zimbabwe side of the river, without a visa :) haha ohhh REBEL!
We got to this one rapid called 'the washing machine' it is basically the two roughest rapids in the whole segment we rafted.
so of course we tipped. the boat didnt actually flip, it just tipped us all out. i landed on top of someone, and since i was busy apologizing, i didnt grab the raft and got dragged away. after trying to swim back, i gave up and tried not to swallow water... it was kind of fun until i really got dragged under and stuck in a spot with waves going one way, and undertow going the other. This is when i dropped my paddle. SCREW THE PADDLE. of course you know i lived cause im writing this, but it was pretty intensely scary... i couldnt see our raft anymore and i legit thought i was going to drown. But, i managed to swim out on a huge wave, or more like tossed around on top of the rocks until i reached a current, outside of the main 'surf'. this is where a the rescue kayaker got me:). i hung onto the front of his boat and got back to the raft. i even managed to pick up my paddle again :)
of course, i got over the freaked outness and my breathing slowed down, so i eventually jumped back in and swam the smaller segments of rapids...the ones that were actually meant to be swum :)
so now im sitting here in my shitty swimsuit that i hate and cost me $61 USD and waiting for my shorts to dry so i can go change. yay :) but it was so worth it. beside the bonding with drift wood part... man it would suck to be drift wood i know that now :D
if only my luggage were here it would have been a perfect start to 2010.