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Heads UP!

the county fair was tons of fun! I got to be dunked at the dunking tanks! HAHA It was pretty beastly.
Alex's bang- GREAT JOB on your first gig!!! I was really impressed!

dance club starts this monday i can't wait!

And finally, we had 'intense' conditioning in LADC today.. it was SOOO much eaisier than last year's comditioning im so glad. I mean.... darn i wish we worked harder. AHHAHA. <3

Writer's Camp!

OK i was thinking i would write this blog post as a story because that would make sense.... before i realized how AWESOME writer's camp would be and that it would be basically impossible and take way to long, then not do it justice anyway... hah.

So first off, the surroundings on Telunas beach are amazing, the waves crashing, birds singing, the ocean is SO blue...the sunsets... I love to huts even though they aren't amazing and 5-star hotel-ish. Seriously. I want to live there. 

For all of ya'll who are reading this (yes... ya'll... blame the Texans.. *ahem* Sydney, Maddie) CWW was so much worse tan writers camp... we could run around, we had so much free time, we didn't have those retarded activities... all in all WAY WAY WAY less fun.

We missed out ferry ride but two minutes because time is of the essence. so we had to wait two hours but that was OK because they had good frappachinos and the people going were amazingly fun and talkative. So we listened to our ipods and stuff. Which reminds me how much i hate it when you go on a trip and your ipod dies... UGH. dislike button...
We got to buy gum and REESES at the ferry terminal which was satisfying :) and i slept on the boat :P
Th writing classes were very fun, and the author was fun and had lots of cool stories to tell. We always had ideas... not like in class where you sit and think for half the time you get to write haha.
The tower jump was fun as always and we could basically go when ever we wanted. Carlisle and I tanned on the grass next to the beach and fell asleep... oops :P
We visited a deserted island one day and climbed trees (or i did haha) and we swam around (just a few of us) and found this cave which was SOOOO cool. it was up to your knees in water and you had to crouch to get in. Then it verged off into the pitch darkness and it was like the perfect horror movie scene to switch on a flash light and see a skeleton/man staring back at you. especially with Katie wailing in the background to not go in cause we were gonna die and Hannah screaming about all the seaweed :P
We went to the island so we could write  a really authentic story that takes place on a deserted island. Hannah and i are going to finish ours and make it a book. and then a movie. and we are going to be famous :P HAHAH. but seriously we both liked our story plot ALOT. (we were writing in teams)

We had banana (B-A-N-A-N-A-S) fritters for desert that night and i just have to say the food at telunas is sooooo freaking amazing and we could have all we wanted and go up whenever and come to meals when ever and leave whenever. not like CWW.

That night we went out to the beach when it was low tide and there were soooo many little baby crabs i swear they look like those photos of herds of gazelle in Africa... except they are crabs HAHAHA. the lines like the ENTIRE beach. It was SOOOO awesome.

I love our cabin- and so did Isabel, as she never hastened to tell us that like 80 times a day :P it was FARKIN- our word- go ahead and use it it means completely awesome. on the other hand, so NOT farkin cannot be used because farkin is reserved for the good only.

Boy i wish i could type without looking at the keyboard... it would be helpful :P

I brought my pillow with me which i swear is like a tempurpedic mattress in pillow form... my mattress was so soft i could feel the bed frame through it so i stuck another mattress on top of that one and it was SOOOO soft. Isabel laid down on it and she goes OMG your bed is like DOUBLE STUDDED OREOS!!! and Hannah is like OMG double stuffed oreos :P HAHAH

We went shrimping one night which is when you take this sharp fork thing and stab shrimp. don;t worry- it wasn't just for fun we were actually eating them. Lots of them broke in half lolz. and Isabel and I caught mud skippers :D haha. be jealous they are FAST. We found a weird slug this which looked like a water leech... do those exist? LOL and a starfishh :P

We went on a nature walk on day to write haiku's about nature. We went through a village and saw roosters and puppies and calves! they were SOOOO Cute. and ms. Hallam almost touched one but then it got scared LOLZ. At the end of the walk, there was this mineral water pool and we could ump off the rocks and it was so much fun. the water looked and tasted like Indonesian coffee- namely it looked like amber jewels and tasted like SH*T. HAHA. no i didn't drink it, i choked one time i jumped off the rocks. I'm not a spaz.. not that i see anything wrong with being a spaz :) On the walk, we were also learning survival skills - which means we ate wild blue berries- and termites :) hAHHA they tasted like wood because

Small eaters of wood
ironically taste like wood
I do wonder why...

First stanza of Katie's Amazing poem right there :D HAAHAHA It was sooo cool. WOOD WOOD WOOD WOOD WOOD> I'm sorry but you had to be there and if you weren't, you were TOTALLY missing out :D SUCKA:)
So for lunch, we had fajitas (fuh jI tuhs.. please don't pervert that) and Isabel put salsa in her's and it was dripping so she looks at it and goes PEE THIS WAY BITCH!!! HAHAHA It was the best thing ever :P
We played drama games that night and ms. Hallam pulled out Rachel's bubble gum when she was trying to pop it LOLZ it was pretty hilarious. We played this game where you had to run and switch chairs but i kept loosing out of fear of killing myself running into people HAHA. actually it was a slight fail i admit :P

We walked out to the sandbar the next morning where it's oddly shallow- another thing we could never do on CWW :) and we took pictures :)
We went to a fishing village and saw a cat that would fit in my hand and went to the school- we sang songs with the kids and they were SOOO cute. there was this one little girl- Elfie who was TO DIE FOR CIUTEE and i seriously wanted to steal her :) HAHA. we drank coconuts and when we got back, we went to the beach. I was trying to do headstands int he water... the headstands worked out until i realized my head was underwater and i had to breathe ...he he. don't laugh. OK... fine.... laugh. Later i sat in the hammocks which were all over the beach and swung while writing about the village from a locals point of view and other poetry.
W had a bonfire that night and our cabin performed Bananas in Pajamas 'cause our author Richard Tulloch was the guy who wrote it. pretty cool right :) and the bonfire was a lot of fun we talked and stuff and had marshmallows :)
Rachel had a shirt on and was complaining that she felt 'insecure' because you could see through her shirt even though we were about to go to bed anyways. So she put a white bra on OVER her purple shirt. IT WAS SOOOO FUNNY AHHAHA then she was all curious about why we were laughing so hard :) she she went out side so we would stop staring... STILL with her bra on HAHAH. we of course started locking all the doors so SHE CLIMBED IN A WINDOW. it was the most f*in HILARIOUS thing in the universe :)

On the last day before we left, we all finished the jar of Nutella i brought haha. and i had soooo many HUGE bug bites.. one of which was actually a spider bite. O.o lol i honestly thought baby spiders were eventually gonna crawl out of it -.- not good. Carly was sooo confused about the time difference and Risha was like GUYS! get it right its only an hour difference! Seriously! we get back on MONDAY!! (and we actually get back on Tuesday so we're all like.. Monday?) and she's like... I MEAN TUEDAY GOD YOU GUYS KNEW THAT. seriously! not Friday! not Thursday! not Monday! (giggles) TUESDAY! T-U-E-S-D-A-D!! (we're like... D-A-D?) and she like I MEAN Y OK!!! Y Y Y  LOLZ

I love you allll so very much and honestly if you were there- you know how awesome it was :D

Two of my poems -

Footprints (haiku)
footprints in the sand
marking experiences past
stalking their owners

Familiar stranger

Familiar stranger,
again we meet.
I've seen you before,
walking the street.

We stand in line fore coffee,
together, everyday.
but neither of us bothers
to find something to say.

We live so close
yet our paths don't change.
Because diverging from our routines,
would just seem so strange...


Sorry... and Electronic Breakdown

Im sorry i haven't blogged in a while, oops...
kinda hw and dance overload... not that i mind the dance part :D hahah.
i said i would blog about writer's camp, which i SWEAR i will... eventually. I WAS SOOOO MUCH FUN THOUGH OMG> i wanna go back forever...
the county fair is tomorrow and im going to watch my friend's band play. (or as risha would say, BAH-nd)
uhh. no time no time.... ily all.
i swear i will blog soon :D

my camera broke
and i lost my phone (got it back)
and lost my ipod (got it back after having a heartattack LOL)

yeah not good luck :P


Things to Look Forward To

Im looking forward too......
going to the new theme park when it opens :)
dance club to start
LADC to actually start dance and not technique for two hours
Field day! this wednesday
Specifically dance on field day! lol
The Wakeboarding Party <3
I guess that's it for short term things hehe.
<3 have a nice life!

Waking Up, Dance, and Two Minute Talks

This morning I woke up and wanted to go back to sleep, so i rolled over. and hit my head on the wall. OK yeah go ahead and laugh but it HURT. OK seriously it did. stop laughing. You may not be laughing on the outside but on the inside i know your sitting here and your heart is giggling -.-

One of the most HILARIOUS things ever on YouTube is The Annoying Orange. It's realllllly funny and there are only like six episodes so watch them alll :P

AHHHH I'm soooo happy that dance classes have started. We do a ton of conditioning and technique though so I'm sore to the extreme. Oh well! life goes on! We had a dance audition for our school dance club on Saturday morning and the hip hop dance was like the best audition piece in the history of dance :D. It was old school hip hop to push it HAHA. It was pretty amazingly fun :P Results come out on Monday.

We have to do these two minute oral presentations in our RLA class and guess what I'm doing mine on? DANCE! oh god i haven't practiced and it's tomorrow. GRRRR. Plus i have to leave school early (missing drama class -.-) so i can go to the dentist. yay.

I bet dentists have the highest suicide rate because they know every person who walks in their door hates them for being a dentist. I mean seriously if i can to school and i knew every single person there DIDN'T want me me there, I'd be pretty depressed. Maybe that's why they pay them so much when they really don't do shit. Like i have to pay my dentist $180 for a fifteen minute appointment EACH MONTH so he can tighten my braces. Probably the easiest thing in the universe...

when you ask someone what's up, and they say nm hw does that mean not much, but im doing homework, or not much homework to do??? hmmm...
I have a wake boarding party later and all though I'm sore everywhere and can't wake board (GO WATERSKIIING!) i expect it will be funnn :D



Things i've never done that are weird;
bitten into an ice cream
put on my left shoe first
Pet peeves
People who think they're so great
people who don't say sorry
uptight people
shoe laces that easily come untied
when you loose a skill you used to have/ could do
Things i love
love <3 :D
smiley faces
social people
acting like im about eight years old...and others doing it with me :)
painting my nails cool-ly
big words- im a sesquipedalion
making phrases.... oooh look my cellular device is ringing :)
doing flips :D
writing poetry
being alone
being with people
i like to like things (in general, and on face book HAHAHA)
my friends
somethimes compliments (who doesnt lol)
cool stationary
hair peices/nicklace/earrings etc.
extremly soft pillows.... like this amazing one i want so bad hahah... amybeill get it for writer's camp? that's an idea.
bubble dresses :D


PDA :)

I just have to say I'm so extremely proud of all my friends because today after school, my group that hangs out in the foyer before getting on our buses or going to activities got yelled at for excessively hugging each other.
we have been officially introduced to the 'catch and release' method of hugging HAHHAHA.
Our hugs may only last up to two seconds... Which of course mean we are all officially hugging for three seconds because we are so extremely BA (OMG PROFANITY)
Seriously I'm extremely proud :D
The eighth grade dance choreography tryouts were today, which means we auditioned a dance that if we get in, will be in the school dance show. I wont be in it but i get to teach it to others which is extremely cool and i really hope my BFF and i get in :D hehe. Results are posted tomorrow :D
I've decided to keep a positive mind-set about conditioning in LADC and not to slack at all unless i feel like my head is seriously about to come off. because its all for the greater good :)
ILY ALL. especially my PDA buddies :D

ok... i was done but last thing. I used spell check, and PDA is a word heh heh. god approves! :D



hello Austin this is for you.
^ if your jealous, suck it up. Hello everyone else :D
I got on the after school bus today and this guy was giving a speech on how we should use profanity on the bus LOL he said the word profanity like three thousand times per minute
' don't use profanity when you are angry because profanity is rude, and there are better ways to express your anger than profanity. We have other words besides profanity to tell people how we feel. If others use profanity, please let them know that profanity is not appropriate, and that parents are mad that profanity is being used on the bus. So thank you for not using profanity.'
MOTION CENSORED LIGHTS ROCK!!! they make me feel like god is watching ;)
Small group is failing for us, but im busy enough, i almost hope we dont get in.
dance dance dance
I'm so sorrrreeeee :D my blog posts are getting annoying
hello again Austin
our math test is postponed and i still have to read to be a slave.
Greetings earthling.
I still need to sell my piano
i want to redecorate my room
iPad, soon to be followed by the iTampon and the iPadWithWings
LALALA have you watched the count censored on YouTube?? it's hilarious. seriously. watch it. NOW. I'm not even kidding type it into your YouTube search bar

WTF (omg profanity) WHY ARE YOU STILL READING!!!