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Moving :'(

Hello Lena I'm glad you have joined the follower party :)

I realize all my posts have typos... I'm sorry.

And I'd also like to say that i am definitely moving to the States, most likely New Jersey. So.... yeah I can't say I'm thrilled. I also get to spend that summer, no, not in Singapore saying goodbye, In Beijing, where I'm allergic to the dust and there is nothing to do but sit around. NO JOKE. So... if you have like... good DVDs, i wanna borrow them so I can spend the entire summer memorizing movie scripts... YAY.
Yeah... I kinda feel like reality just bitch-slapped me in the facial region...
OK. enough about me (sigh of relief from readers)
Soo.... today's topic is..... umm... I don't fucking know..
OMgosh I'm gonna keep talking about me HAHA. Tomorrow is technically wacky tacky day, and i say technically because Our school is calling it reverse crazy day... hmmm.... Anyways, those of you who know me, I'll be trying to go all out... sooo... I ALSO have a mock trial in social studies that day where i am a lawyer... hhahahah I am not going to be distracted...


Aoum Nomnomnom

Sorry idea drain... ummm I am going to Rawa with Nathalie :D hehe fun fun funnie fun fun.
ok. i'll stop boring you now and blog when I actually have an idea...



I just wanna say it makes me reallly proud that like 8 of my friends have started blogs that i inspired :P self esteem +3 ftw! HEHE.

dot. dot. dot.

Speaking of inspiration (besides that shit I've been coming up with for my blog lately...sorry. again), who needs inspiration for RLA?? I mean, I sure do. MY class is currently writing literary essays on a book called Night (that's right Ms. Hallam, I underlined it. MMMHMM. be sooo fucking proud.) by Elie Wiesel. Which is a great historical fiction book, but basically just tells the holocaust like it is. Imma jew, i care, but this book? literary ESSAY? no THANK YOU! seriously, the author has stories, but he is one helluva bad writer -.- So anyways, we are supposed to analyze this book, which isn't a big deal... but ...
1) Every single freakin kid in the entire class (AND GRADE!!?!?!) Is doing an essay on the exact same book, and hell, out teacher totally grades by comparison, so the second one amazing kid gets a great grade, everyone else is gonna DROP. Plus I have like 5000 books I actually enjoyed a lot and wouldn't mind writing about...
2) This book has no freakin writing craft in it, although i must say, Elie is EXTREMELY good at fragmenting his sentences, an art the teachers have been turning us away from for only like.. the last thousand years..
3) I don't wanna write and essay. <- full stop. hahhaa....

Moving on from the complaints at curriculum fail...
If you need help getting a good grade on your essay? YOu know what teachers LOVE?? shit. they love it. so like, night, when nobody actualy has as much as the teachers expect us to have to say, just get really deep and inspirational, it'll get you better grades. I got A's on writing about the hope and determination in climbing a rock wall in Pe that in reality was no sweat... lol. no only did i get an A, i got on the freaking 'outstanding work' board. On our Historical Fiction peices though, I tried, put time and effort, thought about my characters.. I got B's in every category (i'm asian, B's will get me a whipping ;) ) So yeah, If your not sure what to do, make it sappy and fake :) teachers absorb it like sponges, just to throw a little semile in there :P

Need some laughs? Look at IDEK by destery and nathan on YouTube.. Best shit i've ever seen. Meekakitty is good too :P
More laughs? I fell out of a tree yesterday. We were doing a photoshoot for a dance class, and we found this tree with a reallllly long, flat straight branch, so the dance teacher/photographer was like, omg Sarah do your splits on the tree! So i did, and like.... when it was time to get off i kinda fell... **sigh** and hit my BUTT. and pulled my thigh, as i sadly found out the next morning... PLUS, today after school, the school dance teacher was working on partner lifts with me and some of my friends (excuse me, "some of my friends and I") and i think i legit pulled my abs... AHHA like... it actualy BURNS... i never knew that.. i felt like someone took a lighter and burnt me -.- so now im icing my body until im all numb HAHAHA

I hope you aren't dying lie I am HAHA.

And to all my Bye BYE BYE-er's who reading this-- i love you. wait. why are you reading this?? YOU SHOULD BE PRACTICING!! ;)  show in 3 weeks!


Have You Ever...

Have you ever looked up to see beautifuls skies,
then turn back, and see it was all just lies?

Look in the mirror, and see a trace,
of the past you thought you'd never have to go back and face?

Watch tears carve trenches down your face,
wish you could depart from time and space.

Have you ever watched a loved one die?
Watch the light snap away from their once flaming eyes?

Have you ever sat and watched the stars,
and wished you could go away, just as far?

Have you ever wiped away your fears,
and told yourself  "there'll always be another year..."

Watched missed opportunities come to pass?
Looked through your whole life like it's stained glass?

Though of all the things you thought you achieve,
and realized it was all just you being naive?

Have you ever writtien a poem through tear clouded eyes?
And sat as you felt a small peice of your heart sigh?

Have you ever drawn pictures, in your puddles of tears?
The pain so deep-- but you hide it from your peers?

When you look back and the world isn't what it seems,
There's no way to live but through your dreams.