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They Stand Together

A poem i wrote while in Rawa:

As the tears roll down her face,
she departs from time and space,
and begins to look to the future ahead,
the one that she begins to dread...

They turn to each other and embrace
the sad happenings they can't erase.
They stand together and share their fears,
the ocean as salty as their tears.

Hey babes. I only have 14 days left with you guys :(  **sigh** stupid moving. Oh well. I'll get over it ;)
Anyway, me and my home G's are taking a trip to Cambodia to build houses. We aren't aloud iPods. Grrr. The teacher is all like 'you are there to spend time with friends!!!!' It's like... not I'm not I'm here to build houses for the deprived children in Cambodia. DONATE IT'S A GOOD CAUSE!!!

If you are reading this, PLEASE follow my blog. i like to know who's reading it cause that way I can see what ya'll think is interesting. and comment if you love something just as much as I love you :) (a helluva lot <3 )

Have a good weekend everyone! I'll see you on monday!


The Dance Show and Universals!!!

Thursday and Friday night were the kickin' it old skool MS dance shows!! And wow i have to say they were way more amazing than i could have ever imagined! All you dancers out there - you did exceptionallygreat I'm So proud of you all! That was my last dance show ever at SAS... I can't honestly tell you I didn't cry :( ut life goes on, doesn't it :) After the show, this guy taps me on the shoulder and told me I was really great and i'm like oh thank you :) but in my head i'm like omg-this-guy-looks-exactly-like-house-omgomgomg.. I LOVE THAT SHOW :DDD and it makes me mad cause its 2.99 and episode not 1.99 GRRRRR
Jenna Lincoln and I went to Universal Studios today and it was sooooo mcuh fun... we were like..taking pictures with EVERYTHING. The battlestar galactica looked sooo cool too bad it wasn't open... oh well i'll be going to the ORIGINAL 6 flags newjersey soon enough :D
Tomorrow is mothers day! I hope all my children are getting me shit!


JUST KIDDING!!! I got you didn't i??? ;) haha. i have no children.... I think ;)




I'm sorry i had to let you all now I just had a mini-heart attack because I thought there was a huge ass cockroach crawling on my computer screen.... It turned out to be my blue koi fish.... FEED HIM! ->
<3 you all

Rawa and stuffies :D

Heyyy y'all. I went back to my old titles because... they make more sense... ish. hehe :P

Sooo we wake up in the morning (feeling like Sarah deluty and Nathalie brick), i don't wear glasses, and we brush our teeth with regular tooth paste, cause when we leave this morning we aren't coming back until like... Sunday. I'm talking doing our nails the night before(fore). LOL SKATES.
ANYWAYS.... after a long car ride to mersing where i slept on Nathalie's shoulder.. (love you babe) we got on a little boat and got to rawa... then proceeded to get into our swimsuits and tan for the rest of the day (not on purpose of course im just too azn :P)

Nathalie : "Sarah are you ok?"

A quote often heard... like.... every time i stopped talking to take a breath... I guess it just too unexpected when someone like me doesn't talk hehe :D So After Nat and I stole magazines, we hung out with Kate and she is like cute beyond cuteness of little children :) We went on that slide thing that goes into the ocean... :D and skipped pieces of coral... haha we had to censor our speech around Kate cause she's like 8... so yeah. Ducking bell you ducker.
After becoming excessively tan and sun burnt, Nat and i went inside and ate pop tarts and stuff.

Sarah **Reading Magazine advert for 5 gum** : "Ever go down a bobsled run naked?" **Looks up, thinks** :Umm... NO. Maybe i should chew gum!"

Saturday night, Nat and I were walking toward the cafe to get dinner and most of the parents were all completely plastered it was ducking HILARIOUS

Sarah: "Hey, um, you guys need to come out of the water. there's a lightning storm coming."
Adult:: "NOOOO. You know WHY?? It's cause of my....RAIN DANCE! c'mon! dance! bring in the stormmmm!
**sigh drunk adults**

Sunday morning, Nat and I went kayaking around the island. A split second decision, totally worth making. I totally wish i had my camera thoughhh... (that makes 15 times I've said that Nat :P) and it was amazingly fun. apparent;y i smacked a sea snake. haha. the water is so amazingly clear!

Nathalie: " Houston, we have a problem."

We beached ourselves on the rocks... that were covered in sharp oysters... oh dear. It was nothing but my great navigational skill that saved us from the grasping hands of death : O.
Then, We kayaked.... STANDING UP :D hell yes :D haha i am the tribal master of all paddle boarding :D

All in all amazing trip! yay! i hope all your weekends went well too!