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Rejection In All It's Forms

rejection in it's harsh-est forms...

*video freezes*
Sarah: you are uhm. how do i put this...? FROZEN. *POOF*. GONE. cannot see lah.
*other line hangs up*
:"(   <-that's right i'm crying DOUBLE tears

*other line calls back*


sarah lays in bed at 4 AM.
*holy shitt*
*falls asleep*
*wakes up*
"ahhhh what  a nice morning/night/day's rest"
"hell. it's 4:03. maybe i'll try to sleep again.... -_-"
*lays down for hours*
*tosses.turns.reads iPodular movie.*
. . .
*ponders meaning of life*
rejection by the sandman


"i'm going to upload a clip of pureawesome sauce/photos of pwned experiences/ last night's memories *wait WHAT?*"
*logs on*
*records deep heartfelt video/uplaods for three hours photos/ sends long chat message ;)*
"what the shit?"
*checks upload page*
"well.... FUCK."
Facebook: your kinky photos could not be accepted at this time/and errors has occured/facebook want's to be bitchy
*cries in corner*


*sits down with coffee*
*open's microsoft word*
*writes 50,000 word essay in a language you don't speak*
*5 double shot espressos later....*
*microsoft word closes*

Rejection.... the sad brutalities in life.


The Dentist

Today after waking up at 2 in the morning (i didn't bother to get over jetlag... who cares, now i stay at sleepoveers/ at home on fb. i have a life i swear.) i was told i have to go to the dentist. yay! I love it when people picka round in my mouth and tell me i drink too much soda. which i don't. so after s/he (or both) drills up my face my mom asked me if i wanted to go shopping with her... SO we'll see how many time she freaks out about me liking things and yells at me saying i need a rich husband to be happy in life. Damn, i LIKED the shit, i didn't wanna BUY it. but whatever. soo... good luck to me.
the dentist serves coffee.
(i took me three tries to spell thick right .... fail)


I don;t mean to betray the Blogger, but i was told tumblr ROCKS. and honestly, it does. so if something super cool happens, i'll still post here just as much (not much ;) ) and yeah. but check it out i think it's cooler if that says anything. plus i post photos there it's easier.

Stick Pics

I have a mission. TO all in singapore, come take sticky pics with me so i can parade my asian ness throughout the United STATES. um...
maybe i should have come into this with a few more ideas
oh yes! we closed a deal on the house i don't like... hmm fun. i think i'm going to murder somebody. An i'm not just being difficult... I realllly hate the house. There better be some cool kids on the block. MEH.

Things I will miss about singapore

1) My friends
2) SAS
3) the laptop i would be getting... lol
4) elevators to my house
5) getting to school 30 minutes early
7) Being the kid who's been here forever
8) not being a new kid...
9) knowing how to walk home without getting lost
10) living three steps away from orchard road.
11) shopping at 2 AM
12) watching movies on the side of ion :P
13) asians
14) Having 30 louis vuitons on a block
15) those little asian toys and stationary nobody needs but buys anyway
16) my own bathroom
17) having friends... meh
18) knowing my way around school
20) diva. lol
21) my retarded friends
22) the pool at my condo
23) my friends


24) hanging out with people then walking home at 3 am and not being in danger
25) malls that close reallly late :)
26) Dance club
27) dance class
28) some of my teachers... :O

and a shit load else.
which i am now trading in for gum and american candy.

I have to take my room down.... omg project of the century. it's ok, i will reinvent it in kersey :D
anyone know a good like... DIY room deco. website?? so i can.... you know... create the mood ;)



There were some pretty amazing houses... different rooms, style and shit..
they're all pretty nice :D One had three living roms. LOL
There's one i lovedd it had big rooms and three bathrooms :D
and its actually relaly nice in the landscaping, bu tthe backyard isn't all that big :( I lvoe treessss :DD
I'm not going to write all that much cause nobody wants to hear about houses hHAHA

You know what i don't get? Is how they only show good TV shows at like 4am. Which i know because i'm jetlagged. lol. It's terrible i can never see anything good during the day :((

who has a good way to convince someone (MY MOM) to get us a dog?? I want a puppy so bad :(

I hope you are al haveing a good summer! <3 you all


Goodbyes and Latest stuff

Well, We had our graduation dance, which was tons of fun. My friend's band played and they rocked it :) we were all dancing and having TONS of fun and of course, everyone looked BEAUTIFUL :D. The music was loud (yess) and well there was stupid drama shit going on with the popular peeps. Whatever. Get a life honeys

Well, then we went to sentosa for the eighth grade and we basically played volleyball all day becuase none of us wanted to swim. I was SO HOT out. yet it was great spending time with everyone again. meh. The boys are so SEXIST. we were playing volleyball for sandwhiches. what do you know huh> I love you all :P

Ummm a few nights ago we had our grad ceremony. despite the terrible boredom, everyone looked great, we had free time before hand, and the day went by pretty fast. After, i went out to dinner at brewerks and we (jenna, sonika, shawn, ava and I) went out walking and took pictures with the giant carlsberg guy :PPP Then we took pictures (yes, we are so narcissistic :P ) and it was in this foutian thing and then this peod-asian statred taking pictures of meee :((( He was soooo gross. EW.

And today was my last day. Last day of Middle school, eighth grade, last  day seeing some friends, last day attending SAS. Last day i'll ever cry as hard as i did... Wait. no. Im back in august, only to have to say a final goodbye again :(.

It really still ahsn't sunk in that i'm leaving. I say it and all, and bawl and say goodbye, but realy, it seems like im back next year and will still see everyone. But really im not :(
I love you all so much. please tell others about my blog so they can follow the happenings in the states.
Im going to miss you all so much, thanks for making me what i am today. I couldn't have done it without you.

So tomorrow early morning, i am getting on a plane to america to go find houses :) what are we looking for?? welll

1) a fireplace. a real one :)
2) and extra bed room for me to put a dance room in :D
3) umm...big rooms and three bathrooms so i dont have to share
4) MALLS. mearby :D

my expectation aren't THAT high are they??? :)