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oh mi gohd i got snapple at costco and there are no facts on the caps O.o
oh mi god the costco sample brownies were amazing
oh my gawd my new school binder is covered in sticky pics :D
o my goshh the neighbors hdog is super adorable :3
OMG i went back to school shopping for awesome clothes at the mall
o-o-o-o-o-o-o my god oh-oh-o-oh-oh etc etc. :)



whut up i'm bloggin from school...
hahah the marching band is here all dresseed up. hah.
ih signed up for like a shitload of honors classes.. ill probably drop out of everything and live in a shack. hah.
nothin else to say soooo bye.


Moving updates :)

well, its been about a week (thats it ?!?!?) and i NEED something to do. seriously. I'm getting good at my unicycle again... i mean SOMETHING is clearly wrong here. im lying on my new tempurpedic bed (anyone may join me ;) ) and blogging to y'all on my sweet new android. no its not one of those hunky ones, its the LG ally. i love it :D if any of y'all ever tet a new phone i reccomend it. seriously. it's amazing. but im still bored -_- im totallt missing the city heree... except we have nice neighbors here :D they broyght us there amazing brownies and the others invited us to dinner and there are KIDS MY AGE:O idk, maybe i'm america deprived, but i'm certiantly impressed :)
i really can't wait to go to the beach, six flags etc.etc. hehe :)
P.S. john... i updated. told you it'd be boribg :P


I fell asleep funny

and then i woke up laughing
and then i willingly went to school (O.o)
and then i hugged people
and then i ditched a friend
and then i took a mode of transportation
and then i separated our group
then i got a bag of crack
and then i hugged a black chicken
and then i slapped a hacky sack
and then i stayed out late
and then i wrote a blog note
and then i posted it
and then an invisibl reader read it


Public Crap

I dont understand this whole thing that the US goes through everytime the government wants to make public stuff..... seriously.

Jenna and i went to the public water park yesterday and it was 80 cents to get in. hell yeah :)
We were taking advantage of how the life guard was slacking so i stoppd in the middle of the slide and waited for jenna to come down hehe :) she kept smashing into me it was so much fun :)

And then, these two asian creepers stared following us down the lazy river **shudders** ugh. gross. so we went into the wave pool and took and overload of pictures :P yay. we're so cool :P

This is rolly my last day with jenna O.o so i love ya, BFFLZ for half mih little life <3


return to real life

china government blocks facebook and youtube. enough said. hell on earth. just kidding. no seriously it sucks. c'mon man do you really think i like live on facebook? but honestly, it sucks i almost killed myself.

i bet you are confused. if you aren't then i bet wrong O.o

i missed the very harry sequel. if you havent seen the very harry musica, check it out. its a huge spoof in the form of musicality. laughter guarenteed. unless you're like those guys who sit on the subway and just stare. and never lugh. ever. poor sexless old men. *sigh*

well i just got back from china as you may have gathered. i havent abandoned my blog, thank you very much my conserned, like, two readers. they block like everything in china. except pirated movie and tv sites. MHMMM.

i went to this camp and all that so ... it was boring end of story. hahha. oh come all ye english speakers, speak thou native tounge once more i shall.

well heres the thing, i have four days before im moving to jersey and learning guitar an finding a new dance studio and creeping out new pople and such yadda yadda sooooooo im staying out late and absorbing the universe juice. that's right. (and you're like... um dude? what's right? i dont get it.) its ok, you'll get over it (get over what? O.o)

there's a hotel guy in a cute little outfit wwho keeps staring at me... go awayyyyyy!

i watched kick ass onn the plane. HILARIOUS movie. they stuck some guy in a giant microwave and he exploded. hehehhe :)

ok since i don't have much to say... later dudes :)