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My.... cat? ate my homework D:

Oh yes, alliteration in my title whut upp:)
And ways uhm the other day my kitten ate my homework:o legit like no joke it bit the corner of my math homework off I was like wtf. And today it was chewing my vocab...
They are crystal and charlie btww :)
And anyways... crystal has a bald spot her fur fell out D: we're gonna take them to the vet tomorrow... blech doctors...
Im pretty sure well have to bring them both over cause they cry for eachother its so cute :D



some things make you sigh with happiness. no not sex. youre disgusting.... i mean kittens :)
i got two kittens today they are super adorable and i love them already. and they cry and it makes my heart break... name ideas?? its a girl and a boy <3 the boy is a timid sissy and they girl is freaking awesome. duh.


A Random Thought...

What happens if i overfeed my blog fish...?

Total domination... not.

sooo first day of school. us frosh spend all day getting trampled *sigh* and we had a half day (YAY!) anyways, it was really boring we just drifted around... haha
i really need to sign up for dance except i don't know what studio to go to! ahh
my chinese class today was hilarious the teacher is all like ahhhh in her mind im sure. all the upperclassesmen are trying to prove to chinese three that chinese four is better (its a combined class) its so funny there is this one senior whos like CHINESE THREE SUCKS WE OWN YOU. and like everyone is asian but they speak terrible chinese.. the was a huge gasp when i was reading the sentences i wrote hheheheh and their all like your a FRESHMAN? O.o and then this one senior/junior used to go to SAS :D haha we shared a moment of fuck yeah-ness.
so im basically the youngest kid.. meh. hehe.
i love my free period just because Rachel isin it with me. She's this dancer gymnast who love Jazz. we were scanning the room for hot boys together so i guess you could say we have the same interests :) whats more awesome is that she's new too. we're such loners. LONERS FTW! :D
thats it
i lost the game again -.-


Hello :)

Greatings invisible readers, how are you today?

Anyways, i went down to rhode island to chill with my freaking crazy relatives ( i love them all to death :D)
well... uhm. not really to death. i love them the apropreate amout.  hahha i love friends :P
you know what is super awesome? Stwe leonards. mmhmm most awesome super market in the history of the world.
New Jersey life is very un-Singapore. haha. im sorry for complaining. i feel terrible.
i was forced to read this book called Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. it was pretty good. it analyses *imaginary readers fall asleep* like why humans think how they do.... * realizes readers have fallen asleep*... oh. nevermind.
SO. what new? not much. cool. ok.. i prolly should have come into this with an idea besides 'my blog sucks and i need to write something'. oops. sorry imaginary readers, keep imagining.
oh. and. btw.

i lost the game :)