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Total domination... not.

sooo first day of school. us frosh spend all day getting trampled *sigh* and we had a half day (YAY!) anyways, it was really boring we just drifted around... haha
i really need to sign up for dance except i don't know what studio to go to! ahh
my chinese class today was hilarious the teacher is all like ahhhh in her mind im sure. all the upperclassesmen are trying to prove to chinese three that chinese four is better (its a combined class) its so funny there is this one senior whos like CHINESE THREE SUCKS WE OWN YOU. and like everyone is asian but they speak terrible chinese.. the was a huge gasp when i was reading the sentences i wrote hheheheh and their all like your a FRESHMAN? O.o and then this one senior/junior used to go to SAS :D haha we shared a moment of fuck yeah-ness.
so im basically the youngest kid.. meh. hehe.
i love my free period just because Rachel isin it with me. She's this dancer gymnast who love Jazz. we were scanning the room for hot boys together so i guess you could say we have the same interests :) whats more awesome is that she's new too. we're such loners. LONERS FTW! :D
thats it
i lost the game again -.-

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