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Can i Go home now?

I thought it was boring that i went to ion like everyweek... now i'd give anything to get OUT OF NEW JERSEY. ohmigosh. is there the 'most boring place on earth award'? i nominate stirling.
LIFE IS CONFUSING :/ i don't know what too doooooo omfggeeee
im sitting in the school library (which doesnt even have textbooks wtf) and listening to my ipod. big whoop.  i made the school dance ensemble (yay?) and we had a twenty second meeting that made me miss my buss so im sitting here form 2 15 to 4 30. holy fuck thats more that two hours -_-
may i have my old life please? i was quite contented.
I rememebeer way back when i first started this blog i'd kinda talk about everything and anything. it was fun :)
Uhm. the school brownies are amazing :P and contrary to popular beliefe< i know i spelt that wrong.... our shcool cafe's food isn't half bad...

Problems with my teachers:
Bio: dry humored bitch ....i just wanna slap her in the face. no explaination should be needed.
Math: braces. ew. and uhm... she thinks she's funny and young, but at the same time.... no. just no.
World Cultures: she talks for the entir class about one thing and gets sooooo sidetracked and cant manage her time. hahha it's actually not that bad prabably my favorite class :P and sh loves me cuz im a 'global citizen' or some such shit :P
English: uhm... she yelled at me for taking out my lipgloss in class. its not like.. laced with anything. although that a good idea...

It seems everymorning i wake up with more cat scratches and scars than i fell asleep with. owch

sometimes love comes around... and it knocks you down :( I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO OMG

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