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some times I think my teachers a... well.. idiots.
I'm sorry. But ya'll are. I mean first off anybody who chooses to go BACK to school....ugh.*shudders* and second off who wants to spend their life yelling at obnoxious kids? But then again.. all old people do that.
Our teachers give us the dumbesat quizzes... the first question on our ultimate frisbee test was

___ is an integrated form of frisbee football.
A. Ultimate football
B. Floor hockey
C. Ultimate frisbee
D. None of the above.

Mother fucker it a test on ultimate frisbee. I wond3er. That's a stumper....

Then yyou have the other teachers who give yhou tests on crap they never taught you..... ugh.

Its clearly the peer pressure of high school;)

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